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Long War Studios releases two new XCOM 2 Mods ‘Perk Pack’ and ‘Laser Pack’


Two new XCOM 2 mods have been published by Long War Studios, a small team that #partnered with 2K and #Firaxis to create several #officialmods for the game. Having already introduced a variety of new weapons and abilities for XCOM 2 and the community to defend against the aliens.

And, now that The Governor is in XCOM 2, these additional weapons and abilities are also available with these two new mod packs from Long War Studios. Now available on Steam Workshop, this Long War Perk Pack reworks character abilities, and adds a load more, while the Laser Pack adds, um, laser weapons.

The Perk Pack features:

  • Choice of three perks per promotion rank instead of two
  • More than 70 new and reworked Abilities that can be assigned to soldiers, gear or aliens
  • Reworks the four base classes into seven, including the assault, gunner and shinobi, or create your own class
  • Adds ten new PCS items, each granting a unique ability
  • Support for more than 15 active abilities in the tactical UI

The Laser pack features:

  • Adds a new laser tier of XCOM weaponry, which includes a new variant for the assault rifle, shotgun, cannon, sniper rifle, pistol and SMG, plus all attachments
  • Mod includes models, textures, particle effects and sounds
  • Tier exists between magnetic and beam tiers, with two new technologies

Long War Studios previously released three mods to coincide with the XCOM 2 launch, with the Long War Toolbox arriving back in April. All six mods are available from their Workshop page, if you you care to indulge in the works Long War.