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Looking for developers for open-source rpg game maker project

A few people from Germany had the idea one could create a free and
open-source program that allows users to create simple 2D RPG games by
just doing some point’n’click and more complex ones via some
intergrated scripting, resembling Enterbrain’s famous “RPG Maker”
series. We however want to make the program (as stated above)
open-source and free as in freedom and free beer, and better (of
course!). Currently we’re four more-or-less active coders and looking
for some more devs who want to work on the project as well. Note we’re
definitely *not* looking only for experienced programmers, but we
appreciate any newbies who want to dive into the deeper levels of Ruby
coding as well. You should, however, know basic Ruby programming, so
acting with “classes”, “methods”, “inheritance” and the like isn’t
completely new for you and of course you should be willing to learn
something new^^.

We currently have a project website at, but the project
sourcode is mirrored over to GitHub as well:

So, if some of you are interested in working on this, drop a private
mail to me (sutniuq AT gmx DÖT net) or join us at #OpenRubyRMK on (I’ll try to be permanently online the next few days, but
if I cannot you probably meet some other devs there). You can also
make a post in our shiny new forums at (but you
have to register first before you can post).

Finally, please note that the OpenRubyRMK (that’s the name of the
project right now) is in a very, very young phase of development. We
more or less just finished brainstorming and started coding, but
wheather you look at this as an advantage or disadvantage is up to
you—it’s easy to bring in new ideas right now, but there isn’t much
code to work on right now (but hopefully soon!).


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