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Lords of Ravage – Chapter 1 releases now

lords of ravage chapter 1 turn-based combat play the game free on linux windows pc

Lords of Ravage – Chapter 1 turn-based combat lets you play the game free on Windows PC, but coming to Linux. Due to the creative efforts of developer Synthetic Domain. Which is available now on Steam.

Lords of Ravage is a turn-based dungeon crawler. One that also that offers you a unique point of view. All by allowing you to play as the final boss of the dungeon leading the forces of darkness. The game was created and published by Synthetic Domain. It is due to be released on Steam, September 8, 2022. Which should be live now. But the full release is coming to Linux and Windows PC.

In Lords of Ravage, the game is full of different factions of followers and amazing combat. Along with a dark and immersive soundtrack. The game certainly looks very promising. Since you will have to deal with dangerous heroes. Due to slowly wearing them down before the upcoming fight with the dungeon boss, you. Or take matters into your own hands. Appear on the battlefield to aid your less competent followers.

Lords of Ravage Gameplay Trailer

Raid cities, make dark alliances, take possession of cursed artifacts. Or you can also hunt for secret knowledge. Every aspect of your empire is important, so it has to be carefully balanced. Since no element is useless in Lords of Ravage – Chapter 1.

Mix units from different factions into deadly combinations. Wither your enemies with status effects. Make a powerful champion who will carry the fight on his own or deploy a horde of undying minions.

Main features:

  • You are the FINAL BOSS in Lords of Ravage – Chapter 1
  • Choose your own play style. Rely heavily on your followers to wear the enemies down. You can also take matters into your own hands
  • Different factions of followers eager to join you in your dark endeavors
  • Equally diverse enemies to challenge you and your followers
  • Unique visual aesthetic

Lords of Ravage – Chapter 1 is available on Steam. Letting you delve into turn-based combat for Free. The full release is coming to Linux and Windows PC via Steam and Humble Store.