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Lords of Ravage choose a path in the Demo

lords of ravage turn-based dungeon crawler game choose a path on linux windows pc demo

Lords of Ravage turn-based dungeon crawler game lets you choose a path on Windows PC Demo that’s playable on Linux. Which is the creative work and efforts of developer Synthetic Domain. Due to offer a full release on both Steam and Humble Store.

Lords of Ravage is a turn-based dungeon crawler game. One that also offers you a unique point of view by allowing you to play as the final boss of the dungeon. All while leading the forces of darkness. The game is the creative effort of Synthetic Domain. And as a result, the first Demo released on Steam, on September 8th, 2022.

Now, a month after that release, Synthetic Domain team is ready to roll out a new Demo version. This update includes balance reworks and more upgrades. As well as bug fixes. You can find a detailed list of changes in the Lords of Ravage patch notes below.


  • Melee skills can now target any unit unless there is another unit in front of it. Unit formations are now more important than ever.
  • Heroes lost roughly 30% of their power and health. But Lords of Ravage teams consist of 3 heroes now.
  • Soldiers also lost about 30% health and 15% damage in exchange for an extra unit in reinforcements.

Reworks in Lords of Ravage:

  • Vision of Terror (Black Guard) applies Mark instead of Exhaust and only has 1 charge. The Lords of Ravage tutorial needed a basic synergy available for Dread Knights.
  • Escalation (Assassin) progresses 50% when the Elite enters combat.
  • Bring Down (Assassin) is now a melee skill.
  • Escalation (Berold) Phase 2: -20% damage output. Phase 3 +20% damage output.
  • Berold’s starting location now also adds 2 power and 20 health per each unit class level.
  • The Lords of Ravage tutorial was reworked to include segments that teach combos. The Edict segment explains different synergies depending on deployed units.
  • Resilience now reduces any damage by 5% per stack, stacking up to 5 times.

Lords of Ravage – Demo version

Bugs fixed:

  • Commander (Knight Lieutenant) now correctly triggers if he was placed during the reinforcement phase.

Balance changes:

  • Obliteration (Dark Priest) deals 80% of the enemy’s power as damage instead of 50% in Lords of Ravage.
  • Force of Nature (Pathfinder) now has 3 turns CD.
  • Aegis of Nature (Druid) now only has 1 charge.
  • Escalation (Paladin) now adds 20% progress each time a negative effect is applied to an ally. Paladin gains only 15 power instead of 25.
  • Valor (Paladin) healing was reduced from 40% to 20%.
  • Escalation (Berserker) now grants 20 power instead of 35 and triggers when Berserker loses 100 health instead of 200.
  • Escalation (Fire Mage) adds 20% progress passively and 15% progress per unspent AP now.

With this new demo, Lords of Ravage is taking part in the Dreamhack Beyond indie Showcase. The event is taking place on Steam from Oct. 14, 2022 at 12:01 AM EDT to Oct. 23, 2022 at 11:59 PM EDT. Due note, the Demo is a Windows PC build, but runs very well on Proton. Without question, this is a Demo worth playing.

Following a warm response from fans and influencers, Synthetic Domain team is expecting to further expand their player base during the time of this event.

Lords of Ravage turn-based dungeon crawler game for Linux and Windows PC. Due to make its way onto Steam and Humble Store. The release date is still TBD. But you will want to play this Demo on Steam

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