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Lords of the Fallen latest free content drops

lords of the fallen action rpg game's free content the way of the bucket drops for linux and steam deck via windows pc

Lords of the Fallen action RPG game’s free content The Way of the Bucket drops for Linux and Steam Deck via Windows PC. Thanks to the innovative team at developer HEXWORKS for their dedication and creativity. Available on both Steam and Humble Store.

Let’s talk about the latest exciting updates to Lords of the Fallen from HEXWORKS, a studio under CI Games. They’ve just rolled out new content that’s free and it’s all about celebrating a really unique character that the community likes. This update, called ‘The Way of the Bucket’, is part of HEXWORKS’ big plans for 2023. They’ve got a bunch of events coming up for the holiday season.

To make things even better, Lords of the Fallen is now available at a discounted price of 34% off. This is part of the Black Friday deals, so it’s a great time to check it out if you haven’t already. Not to mention it’s also Verified for Steam Deck and playable on Linux via Proton.

The team behind Lords of the Fallen is dedicated to making the experience better. They listen closely to what players have to say and use that feedback to upgrade the game. For instance, they’ve adjusted how many enemies you’ll face in certain areas – in some places, you’ll find up to 30% fewer enemies. That’s a big change! They’ve also made it so that enemies with long-range attacks aren’t as pinpoint accurate. As a result, they won’t chase you as far, which means you won’t get overrun by too many at once.

Lords of the Fallen – Official Launch Trailer

There’s also big news about the bosses. The team has revamped them to make sure they provide just the right level of challenge. They’ve improved the AI, given the bosses new and more intense moves. While balancing their health and damage levels.

‘The Way of the Bucket’ brings a new quest focused on a character that’s a fan favorite. It includes a new weapon and armor set, six new spells, and a whole bunch of upgrades to make everything run smoother and look better. This comes hot on the heels of ‘The Pumpkin Patch’, another update that was very well received.

For Black Friday, there’s also a special deal for Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC players. You can get the standard version of Lords of the Fallen for 34% off, and the deluxe version is 30% off on Steam. Dropping the price to $39.59 USD / £32.99 / 39,59€. Regular price on Humble Store.

So, if you’re into dark fantasy and action-packed adventures, now’s a great time to dive into Lords of the Fallen or explore the new free content if you’re already a fan.

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