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Lore Finder updated demo and speedrun contest

lore finder updated demo speedrun contest for linux mac windows

Lore Finder cosmic horror metroidvania release an updated demo for Linux, Mac and Windows along with a speedrun content. Since the games confirmed for Linux and Mac, having passed the $12,000 stretch goal. The new demo is updated to support the Kickstarter for Lore Finder with new challenges.

Updated demo and Speedrun Contest:

The newly updated demo is playable on Itch (web browser on Linux) and now has the boss battle against Non-Euclidean Horror Algarott. While introducing a new gruesome enemy type.
A new speedrun mode has also been added. So this kicks of a speedrun content check out the post and rules. The  speedrun contest will run until end of day on December 23nd PST. The top 3 runners will be part of the full release version of the game. With trophies bearing their names and times, if you are up for the challenge?

Lore Finder Kickstarter Gameplay Trailer (Windows, Mac, then Linux)

Additionally, award-winning voice actor Adam Harrington. Also best known for his role as Bigby Wolf in Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us – will be voicing Bertram. One of the primary antagonists of the game. That is if Lore Finder hits the $27,000 stretch goal for voice acting.
As part of this he has voiced a chilling monologue, in which Bertram grows increasingly unhinged as he speaks of the great scientific mysteries unlocked by a muse in a form which ‘no man can describe’.

Lore Finder follows the story of non-binary paranormal investigator K.C. Morgan as their search for their missing father leads them to a mansion on an island off the New England coast. Armed with only their wits and an old .38 revolver, they must battle the forces of corruption infesting the mansion, seeking out clues found in scrolls of forbidden lore. But the more they discover, the more warped and twisted the world – and they – become.

Gather scrolls of unspeakable lore which transform your body, but also warp the world around you. Starting with a powerful revolver, players must run, jump, and wall-slide through oppressive living areas and dim basements, accumulating dark powers to wield against climactic terrors.

Make sure to check out and support the Kickstarter, since Lore Finder is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows.

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