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Lost in Labs 2D side scroller due to get a native build

lost in labs 2d side scroller game due to get a native build for linux with windows pc

Lost in Labs 2D side scroller game due to get a native build for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Pink Astronaut Games. Due to make a debut on Steam this December.

Lost in labs is a 2D side scroller, with a unique pixel art/cartoon art style. Along with an original story and gameplay mechanics. In Lost in Labs, you play as Lucian, an awkward but lovable character. He also has the ability to possess other people. With such an ability, you crawl your way through a medical facility. Doing so in order of finding your best friend, Amber. She mysteriously disappears when visiting a hospital for a routine check-up.

Since our project started, Pink Astronaut created a crowdfunding page. Doing so on a Brazilian site called Catarse. While raising over five thousand Brazilian reais. Helping the developer with the creation of Lost in labs.

Lost in Labs – Official Launch Trailer

Lost in Labs is a 2D platformer, stealth, and puzzle game. But with a twist, the player will have the ability to possess and control the movement of NPCs. Using this to gather information, or maybe open a door from the other side. Maybe even just move this person out of the way. Plus the developers also have plans for Linux support.

We are using Unity to develop Lost in Labs, and yes, you CAN expect a version for Linux.

The use of Unity 3D is no surprise. But should also lend to easier porting for the full release. You can get a taste of the Lost in Labs Demo on the Steam page. It’s only a Windows PC build but Proton support works. While the game’s debut will be a native day one Linux build.

Every place the player visits will feature unique visuals, music, and interactions. Including dialogue and gameplay elements. All while keeping the pace of the game and its story.


  • Be stealthy in Lost in Labs! You are not supposed to be here
  • Jump through platforming levels
  • Possess other NPCs, make them do what you need. Use objects from the level to hide from the guards
  • Distract the guards, unlock doors and find other hiding spots
  • Unravel puzzles to carry on with the adventure
  • Be part of an astonishing and mysterious storyline
  • Detailed visual art, animations, and lighting
  • Meet interesting and funny characters
  • Listen to great original soundtracks and SFXs
  • Non-stressful gameplay
  • Mysteries, mysteries, mysteries!

After Amber goes missing, Lucian goes to the last place she said she would be at, the hospital. But there, he notices something is strange…in Lost in Labs. Something is wrong with this place, and maybe Amber is here.
After trespassing, Lucian will face challenges and stay undetected. All to unravel the mysteries of this place and get his best friend back. A story about friendship and venturing into the unknown. Where Lucian will do anything to get his best friend Amber back.

Lost in Labs 2D side scroller will be releasing on Steam in December 2021. Priced at $13.99 USD. Be sure to Wishlist the game. Which is coming to Linux and Windows PC.

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