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Lost in Sky co op platformer coming in April

lost in sky co op platformer games coming in april for linux mac windows

Lost in Sky is an original 2D co op platformer for Linux, Mac and Windows coming this April. Where the player controls one of the two characters with unique abilities. The games also going to release on Steam Early Access.

As the the player you will seize the right moment to grab control. Take over the relevant character and combine the heroes’ abilities. Doing so in the most effective way to overcome challenges, solve puzzles and squash hordes of monsters. Not only can you play the game in singleplayer, but the other player gets taken over via AI. But you can also play in co op or shared split screen.

Playing in an alternative future, where you are a Special Forces soldier. Shoulder to shoulder with a reliable partner you fight all kinds of enemies. As well as mutants, robots, security devices, and of course, bosses. This is definitely a release I’m looking forward too.

Since you can cooperate with the partner to coordinate your actions. While you collect equipment, interact with the environment and complete unique level-specific tasks. With a well thought-out story, extraordinary puzzles and bosses. Chances are, something will catch you off guard and scare the life out of you. While play in an environment of an authentic old-school action game.

Lost in Sky | Game Trailer (Linux, Mac and Windows)


  • Dive into this fascinating retro-futuristic world, and it will fill you with cherished memories of the past and carry you away to the infinite and unexplored space. The original soundtrack creates the sensation of mystery and adventure.
  • Team level completion. Play together with your friends in a cooperative mode or summon an AI-controlled character.
  • The story told in comic book form is full of sudden twists, mysteries, and formidable enemies.
  • Hand-drawn and well-conceived levels in high detail. Made with love!

After community development in Early Access, Lost in Sky is expected to include 10 hours worth of gameplay. But the developer also has intent on allowing the player to connect with friends locally or online.

That being said, Lost in Sky looks like a solid mix of platformer of co op gaming. Since the games coming to Early Access this April on Linux, Mac and Windows. No word on price yet.