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Lost Marbles available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC with 10 New Levels

Binary Takeover has released  Lost Marbles™  on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC platforms. To celebrate the high profile #newrelease, Binary Takeover added 10 punishing new levels – included for current and new players.

Binary Takedown, previous developers and publishers of 2010’s Turba™ (also available on Steam), got the ball rolling on  Lost Marbles™  as a student project 5 years ago.  The game soon snow-balled into a grueling 3D physics-based puzzle that has thrilled players and has entertained hundreds of thousands of Youtube viewers.

On an ethereal plane ranging from blue skies with clouds, deep outer space or a devilish hellscape, players must guide the  Lost Marbles to the exit goal while avoiding traps and steeling their nerves against a fear of heights.  Each of the three marbles has a unique Herculean strength and an Achilles heel: The Paper Ball can crumple down in size and float through the air, but is far from fireproof; The massive Metal Ball is indestructible and can boost through objects in its path, but is too heavy to jump; The Rubber Ball can bounce and absorb electricity, but can’t dive underwater.


  • Challenging platforming mixed with puzzle solving
  • Unique visual style and Charming music create a stunning world
  • Online leaderboards. Challenge your friends!
  • Hardcore Mode + Unlockable skins
  • Xbox 360 controller support
  • 3 times the balls as any other marble game!

Critics are bouncing with excitement for  Lost Marbles™  – Harry Hughes of proclaims, “A great concept becomes a perfect package thanks to beautiful presentation, making this title one of the best puzzle-platformers on the market. …  9/10!”  Kim Berkley, gives her own spin: “The pacing of the increase in difficulty and complexity in Lost Marbles is commendably pitch-perfect.”

“Everyone at Binary Takeover is proud and excited to see  Lost Marbles™  on Steam,” said Co-Founder Keith Morgado.  He adds, “Thanks to the game’s warm reception, we’re also proud to introduce 10 new levels and give our players more of what they love.”


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