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Lost Region third person survival and support

lost region third person survival mmo and support in linux windows pc games

Lost Region is a third person survival MMO action title in Windows PC games, but also coming to Linux. Thanks to the development work of Farom Studio. The games also coming to Steam Early Access on July 15th. But only for Windows. We have details about the Linux release.

Lost Region will have you join one of the factions. So you can build your base, exploring 64sq/km. While you create your own world where you can be a proud loner. Or create a group with your friends. Since the entire history of the world depends on you.

Linux Support:

“Yes, the game uses Unreal Engine 4. And yes we will port it to the Linux. But I can’t tell you when this will happen, yet.”

So this is some good news for Lost Region support on Linux. There is clearly no release date. Despite the Early Access release coming on July 15th. Until that time, make sure to Wishlist on Steam. Community commitment never hurts. And and this is an Unreal Engine 4, so Proton could very be an option. But no word yet on anti cheat. But Lost Region will include a Battleroyal mode

Lost Region New World update (Windows PC, then Linux)

Farom Studio is showing progress of Lost Region development. With next update such features will be added. Such as new workbench, traps and dynamic weather system. All soon added to the game.
While traps will help players in protecting their camps and for hunting. New workbench will also add a bunch of new building elements. Which will be revealed in a couple of weeks. Update will be available on August 13th.

Game will have detailed 64 sq km open world, with different points of interests and abandoned locations.

Lost Region will bring the third person MMO game to Windows PC and then Linux. Since this is an open world survival action sandbox with shooter combat. It will be a pleasure to have an MMO available. Complete with looting, crafting, building, leveling and diplomacy.

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