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Love Shore love and strife: A Cyborg Tale

love shore is a choices matter cyberpunk rpg game launches on linux mac windows pc

Love Shore is a choices matter cyberpunk RPG game launched on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Perfect Garbage, the developer, has masterfully crafted this engaging experience. Available now on Steam.

Welcome to the world of Love Shore, a city that’s like a chameleon, changing its colors when the sun sets. This isn’t your average city, though. It’s a place where the future has arrived early. While cyborgs walk the streets, ancient gods lurk in the shadows of the underworld, and people are ready to do whatever it takes to climb the ladder of success.

Now, let’s take a step back. Love Shore didn’t always look like this. A fertility crisis hit the city, making it difficult for people to have children. So then, a company named Life S. Incorporated came to the rescue. This isn’t your typical company. They claimed they could create life from raw DNA, crafting a human. Due to being complete with thoughts, feelings, and a sense of right and wrong.

These new beings, born from artificial bodies, would look, think, and act like their parents, thanks to their DNA. But they were different and didn’t age. They were tougher. They were called S.Humans.

In this choices matter cyberpunk RPG game, you get to step into the shoes of two such S.Humans: Sam and Farah. They’re two unique individuals, but they share a common thread – they’re both part of the 100 cyborgs created by Life.S before the company mysteriously disappeared.

Love Shore Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Love Shore is a world of choices. With over 25 possible endings and 8 different story paths. Since your decisions shape the world around you. The interface of the game changes from day to night, reflecting the time in the city.

What’s more, Love Shore is more than just a story. It’s a world where your choices matter. You can develop three different abilities based on your choices. And your relationships with your companions aren’t set in stone. Since they evolve based on your actions, leading to friendships, rivalries, or even romances.

But the Love Shore launch isn’t all about the good times. It’s a world that reflects the complexities of life. It’s a place where language can be rough, and where love can lead to intimate moments. Where violence and substance abuse are realities, and where life and death hang in the balance.

So, are you ready to step into the world of Love Shore, to navigate the complexities of life as an S.Human, and to shape your own destiny? The choices matter cyberpunk RPG is available on Steam. Priced at $14.99 USD / £11.39 / 12,49€. Launching with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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