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LUCAH a nightmare action-rpg on Kickstarter

lucah a nightmare action-rpg on kickstarter linux mac windows games

Lucah is a style-action role-playing game for Linux, Mac and #Windows. Hence a #horrorgame currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Yet set in a bright, beautiful location.
Since developer melessthanthree did not create some standard pixel art. The #games hand-drawn sketch style is their unique creation. Which I have to admit, the Lucah art style caught my attention right off. Also, gameplay creates a challenge in the nightmarish world. Mixing Jotun and say Moon Hunters together.

Since Lucah is one of the Marked children with innate magical powers. Hence they are hunted and feared for their destructive potential. While experiencing a terrifying dream.
So the games beginning has the players waking in a dark and hellish landscape. While monsters stalk their every move. Here, players must fight to survive and find a way to escape. Yet facing the impending corruption that threatens to overtake them.

Lucah Features:

  • As one of the Marked. You must use your cursed powers to fend off the Nightmares that hunt you.
  • Learn and master the stylish & punishing combat. Featuring a hybrid of Melee- and Projectile-based styles.
  • Customize the action by mixing a rich variety of move sets. As well as character properties to fit your play style.
  • Unique Sin & Punishment difficulty system allows you to create the perfect experience for your skill level.
  • Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux in 2018.

Since players are able to mix a variety of both melee and projectile based attacks. Each is set to your own play style.
So Lucah has access to a host of magical abilities. While allowing you to command familiar and elemental attacks. Which gives combat a more personal approach than the typical hack and slash. Combining a rewind ability. So there are far more ways to gain an advantage over creatures in the darkness.

Now I have to admit, the combat can get confusing. Since the art provides only enough direction to get your head around thing. At least once you get more comfortable navigating around the void. So it’s easy to trap yourself in a corner while the nightmares have their way with you. Therefore, at least in the demo, save spots give a feel of balance. And they are generous, so you’re never backtracking too far after.

Since I should point out, the Lucah demo is only available for Windows and Mac. Yet the Windows install is playable using Wine without any issue. Even controller support works, since the games build in Unity 3D.

Lucah is currently almost funded Kickstarter. Seeking pledge for Linux, Mac and Windows.

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