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Lucid Soul horror RPG seeks funding and support

lucid soul turn based combat horror rpg seeks kickstarter funding and support from the linux gaming with mac windows pc

Lucid Soul turn based combat horror RPG seeks Kickstarter funding and support from the Linux gaming community with Mac and Windows PC. According to details Jon Bookout. Which is due to reach the $50,000 USD goal by March 20, 2021. Currently, the crowdfunding campaign 61% is funded and climbing.

The Kickstarter campaign for Lucid Soul is certainly well under way. Indie developer Jon Bookout already has a Steam page, but is working on a GOG listing as well. While the mature rated JRPG campaign continues to climb above that 61% mark. With less than 20 days left to go.

However, reaching out to Jon Bookout proves to be quite informative. Lucid Soul game development is using Java + RPG Maker MV. This also means the engine “supports Linux so it allowed the easiest transition”. Which is excellent news, “but depending on budget afterward, we plan to transition our assets to Unity 3D.” Which also makes releasing a port for Linux gaming that much easier.

So, to back the Linux support requests directly, the developer wants the community to take part in Comments. However, since comments require you to be a backer straight away. Plus a Linux build doesn’t need extra money thanks to the engine. So I have opted for a Steam Discussions post to make the voting process easier. Letting you can share your own comment or a +1. This also includes a link back to the Kickstarter, should you feel confident in supporting the campaign. Since we are directly on the cusp of a native build. Check out the trailer and details below.

Lucid Soul Kickstarter Trailer

Lucid Soul is a classic top down, mature rated, fantasy JRPG. The gameplay features turn based combat and pixel art with retro like, anime visuals. Where players take on the role of a villain. Who venture out to discover the secrets of his past in 30+ hours of gameplay.

Lucid Soul is inspired by some of the most important games of its genre. Such as Lunar: Silver Star, Eternal Blue, Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger”, says solo-dev Jon Bookout.


  • Top-down, mature-rated, fantasy JRPG.
  • Turn-based combats.
  • Pixel-art, retro-like, anime visuals.
  • Villain protagonist.
  • 30+ hours of Lucid Soul gameplay.
  • Music composed by Nate Combs, featuring Hayley Nelson.

Combat Key Features

  • Designed to always have max characters in combat. Switch between them at ease, use one character for all your Soul Points (Think Action Points from Shin Megami: Digital Devil Saga), or multiple ones to exploit weaknesses or handle various objectives. No character sits at the castle waiting for their turn in your Lucid Soul party.
  • JRPG turn based combat creation starts from the ground up. While seeng the best and strongest elements of Lunar, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Shin Megami Tensei, and Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • Two tier combat flow in which you cannot mash the A button to attack everything and win. Spells are only useable against enemies that have been “Contaminated” with Black Dragon blood, requiring creativity and guile on how to use each character appropriately to both infect and exploit the enemy through their fears.
  • Play as Bosses! As a villain, there will be times you corrupt NPCs and monsters to combat enemies, not always Rubin or Lady Death. These will be Boss fights that you have the option to control! (At this time this feature is not meant to be mandatory in Lucid Soul, but instead offer additional rewards).
  • Multiple Screens of Combat: Fight from Land, Air, and Sea in the Battle System.
  • Fights known as “Cinematic Encounter“: A battle that will take place over multiple screens and locations, usually reserved for Boss Fights, but not always.

The Lucid Soul Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will help the developer cover the costs. Due to make Lucid Soul into a very profound horror RPG. The turn based combat horror RPG is already due to arrive on Mac and Windows PC. Without enough community support, a Linux build as well. Due to make a debut in October 2022.

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