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Luciform demanding precision platformer releases

luciform demanding precision platformer releases on steam for linux mac windows pc

Luciform demanding precision platformer releases on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Chaos Minds’. Their new game is available now on Steam with a discount and great reviews too.

Luciform is the brainchild of Israeli developer Noam Matan Rotem. Who also happens to be the creator of Forgiveness and its escape room adventures. Now dropping a completely new challenge in Luciform. A game that can only be mastered through quick reflexes and perfectly timed jumps are a must. While changing colors at will. So that players will have to think on their feet. Switching to the right color combination in real time. Then bouncing between platforms without stopping. If you manage to avoid hazards (like spikes). You just might reach the end to fight the fearsome Red-Eyed Gorilla.

Luciform – Launch Trailer

In Luciform, a family of mythical creatures has been captured by the Red-Eyed Gorilla. So, to regain their freedom, they pool their energy together to summon Luci. The one individual who can rescue them, due to her unique gift. Luci has the ability to change colors at will. Those who’ve mastered Super Meat Boy and Celeste will also be right at home in Luciform. Since you will have to time your jumps with the utmost precision.


  • Play as Luci – a powerful, mythical creature of unknown origin.
  • Navigate a huge number of challenging, varied levels to save your family.
  • Change colors at will to safely land on matching platforms – or die trying!
  • Avoid hazards and deadly falls to progress.
  • Defeat the Red-Eyed Gorilla!

Boasting color coded platforming gameplay, with subtle visuals and music. Luciform delivers hardcore platforming gameplay for both veterans and newbies. Which also comes together in a neat, polished package featuring hours of gameplay. Further reflected in the Steam reviews.

Luciform releases the demanding precision platformer on Steam. Releasing for only $8.99 USD including a 10% discount until February 9th. Playable across Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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