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Lucy Dreaming adventure offers an Easter egg hunt

lucy dreaming point and click adventure demo easter egg hunt for linux gaming mac windows pc

Lucy Dreaming point and click adventure demo Easter egg hunt for Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Tall Story Games. Gearing up for the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Tall Story Games’ new demo for their point and click adventure Lucy Dreaming is good. It also contains a well hidden Easter egg that unlocks the chance to win big. Its discovery offers adventure gamers a once in a lifetime chance to appear as a pixel art character in the full release of the game.

Every player who finds the Easter egg gets the chance to enter a draw. Where the prize is unlike any other. So you can become an NCP (non-player character) in the full game. Not only will their likeness be rendered seamlessly into the beautiful, retro pixel art world of Lucy Dreaming. You will also become an integral part of the game’s story and gameplay. In addition to this, the winner will receive a free digital copy of the full game. Also a high resolution digital artwork of their character and a mention in the game’s credits to boot.

Tall Story Games’ Tom Hardwidge said “I absolutely LOVE Easter eggs in games myself. From little nods and meta references to full blown competitions like this. We launched the demo in early March, but it seemed appropriate to announce this search at Easter. As a kid playing adventure games back in the 90s, it was always a thrill to discover things in games that were well hidden. As if they were put there just for you by the game’s creator.”

Lucy Dreaming Point and Click Adventure Game Trailer

Lucy Dreaming is a comedic, quirky point and click adventure. Where players taking control of the destiny of Lucy. A young girl suffering from recurring nightmares. In the game, Lucy unlocks the secrets to controlling her dreams and journeys through a myriad of weird and wonderful locations. Doing so in both the real world and her dreams. On the way, she encounters a cast of curious characters and creatures as she unearths the disturbing truth behind her nightmares.

The free demo is a 30-60 minute prequel for the full Lucy Dreaming game. Due to launch later in 2022. Tall Story Games are launching a Kickstarter to fund the development of the full game in May 2021.

The demo is available in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC via Steam and So go and find that egg!