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Lucy Dreaming retro point and click hits Kickstarter

lucy dreaming retro point and click adventure hits kickstarter via linux gaming mac windows pc

Lucy Dreaming retro point and click adventure hits Kickstarter via Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the creation of developer Tall Story Games. Now doing rather well in the crowdfunding campaign.

Do you have the necessary skills to survive a 90s nostalgia trip? Retro point and click adventure Lucy Dreaming takes you right back to childhood. Due to raise £15,000 ($20,812 USD) by May 26, 2021 3:00 PM EDT. Now more than 54% funded, at least at the time of writing.

Lucy Dreaming is a comedic, quirky point and click adventure. Where players take on the role and control the destiny of Lucy. She is a young girl suffering from recurring nightmares. In the game, Lucy unlocks the secrets to controlling her dreams and journeys. Doing so through a myriad of weird and wonderful locations. This also takes place in both the real world and her dreams. On the way. Lucy she encounters a cast of very unique characters and creatures. While unearthing the disturbing truth behind her nightmares.

Lucy Dreaming Kickstarter Trailer

So if you know the secret of getting magnetic tape back into a cassette. Maybe have experience rescuing small mammals from the wrong end of a blunderbuss. Or just loved playing classic LucasArts adventures in the 90’s. Then Lucy Dreaming will delight you.
A 30-60 minute spoiler free demo is available on Steam and Itch. Either choice will offer support in Linux gaming and Windows PC.

Expect nostalgic pixel art and a thoroughly British sense of humour. Lucy Dreaming takes you on a hilarious adventure through dreams and reality. Imagine Inception, but with more warm milk, badgers, and experimental groin surgery.

Features of the full release:

  • 8-10 hours of point and click fun in Lucy Dreaming.
  • Retro pixel-art packed with plenty of nostalgia.
  • A wide variety of detailed dreams and real world settings.
  • Witty retorts to almost everything you can point your cursor at.
  • Hidden Easter eggs and humourous pop culture references.

Don’t just play it. Support Lucy Dreaming on Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign before 26th May. Take part in the action via the game’s Demo. Publisher Tall Story Games are offering backers the chance to appear in the game. Doing so as pixel art NPCs as well as a host of other rewards. This includes a Deluxe Collector’s Box, a retro USB cassette, and hand drawn concept art. Of course, the full release is due to offer support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC in May 2022.

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