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Ludopolis dungeon crawler on Indiegogo

ludopolis dungeon crawler on indiegogo games for mac, windows pc then linux

Ludopolis is a roguelike dungeon crawler on Indiegogo games for Windows PC, with sights on Linux. Thanks to developer Angry Kid Studios who are hoping to fund the project. And also introduce even more content with the success of the crowdfunding campaign.

Ludopolis has an influence from board games. Since you have the ability to control level creation.
However, the games really a remake of Undervault. While featuring updated graphics, reworked mechanics and story.

Since Angry Kid Studios announced the IndieGoGo campaign for Ludopolis. Who are also hoping to raise $10,000 USD for development.
And should the studio exceed that goal. Then the additional funds will also go into development. Adding further features to the game.
But there is no Linux support displayed for the campaign or on Steam.

Linux Support:

“I’m using Unity3D. So yes, Linux build is possible.
Although, I’ll probably make a Linux version available on with a warning that it might have issues.”

While this is objective feedback for Ludopolis. Angry Kid Studios don’t have plans for Linux support on Steam. Mainly due to limited resources right now.
Therefore, based on the quoted statement above. The interest is definitely there. But the developers are being objective about it.
The studio is hoping to gain support from community backers. Since Undervault does have an active build. Which is also completely Free on Acting as the games web demo.

Ludopolis Indiegogo Trailer (Windows PC, then Linux later)

Ludopolis is a remake of the creative dungeon crawler Undervault. Where players move through rooms of a procedurally generated dungeon. While gathering loot and fighting monsters.
But, what makes Ludopolis unique. The ability to transform unknown rooms. So the player can select the room type.
So for example, a player could place a chapel. Since this kills enemies in connected nearby rooms. They could also place a bedroom in the next area to heal their character.
Players will have to battle with hunger, fatigue, and disease. All while travelling throughout the dungeon.

As a player progresses, they will unlock new elements of the story. Working to solve the mystery of the dungeon.
So as a character levels up, you can unlock in the skill tree. Focusing on different play styles. Including, combat, stealth, and room generation.

Features include:

  • Creating new connections between rooms using a pickaxe or ladders.
  • Trading with NPCs for unique items in Ludopolis.
  • Owning a pet companion that travels with you through the dungeon.
  • A daily challenge system that lets players compete with their friends for the best score

If funded, Ludopolis will be scheduled to release in 2020. Priced at $19.99 USD. Releasing on both Mac and Windows PC via Steam. With Linux support coming first to Itch.
Check out the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

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