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Ludum Dare hosting ‘Stop SOPA’ indie game jam

Are you an enterprising indie game developer that thinks the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) must be stopped at all costs? If so, you may want to participate in the upcoming ‘Stop SOPA’ Game Jam that’s being promoted by Ludum Dare, the indie entity known for organizing thematic game development competitions that take place under a stringent timeline; in this case, twenty-four hours.

The ‘Stop SOPA’ game jam will take place tomorrow, January 18. You can follow #stopsopajam on Twitter, to stay in the loop. Ludum Dare 23, which also marks the tenth anniversary of the competitions, is scheduled for April 2012.

The pending SOPA legislation has already drawn opposition from big industry players like Sony, Nintendo, and Electronic Arts, and more developers continue to add their voices to the opposition. Red 5 Studios, for example, has announced that they’ll be shutting down the Firefall beta for twenty-four hours on January 18, in protest. Much to the chagrin of many, the Entertainment Software Association still supports the controversial bill.

Even indie developers have been especially vocal, including Nathan Fouts of Mommy’s Best Games (Explosionade, Serious Sam Double D), who we recently interviewed about his take on the whole debacle.

Of course, even if you’re not an indie game developer, I’d recommend keeping an eye on the games that come out of the ‘Stop SOPA’ event. There are bound to be some thoughtful and entertaining games produced.

If you were to make a game in 24 hours protesting SOPA, what would it be about?

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