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Lumencraft top-down shooter offers glimmer of hope

lumencraft top-down shooter game offers a glimmer of hope for linux as well as windows pc

Lumencraft top-down shooter game offers a glimmer of hope for Linux as well as Windows PC. All thanks to the creative efforts of developer 2Dynamic Games. Due to make its way onto Steam.

A top-down shooter blending the aspects of survival and tower defense genres. Seeing Lumencraft has a demo slated for October 1, 2021. It is also the first production by 2Dynamic Games. The Polish studio has just started working with Star Drifters. An independent Polish developer and publisher. While Early Access, is planned in the coming months.

Lumencraft is the first production by the Polish studio based in Cracow. You can find strands of Alien Breed in its DNA. Including nods to Darkwood. Along with a tactical and survival spin added to it. The gameplay mechanics allow players to dig through hostile underground surroundings. Since the original game engine offers a fantastic level of setting interaction. This is along with fully destructible terrain and a dynamic lighting system.

Lumencraft – Teaser Trailer

Lumencraft is produced along with Star Drifters. A company in charge of Driftland: The Magic Revival. Which is a highly successful title with over 300,000 copies sold (Mac, Windows PC). As well as Danger Scavenger. Also one of the highest rated games for Atari VCS.

The Lumencraft description:

The year is 2221. The planet’s surface became unlivable over a century ago. Today the remains of humanity struggle to survive without electricity and light. Dreams of a better future had withered a long time ago. But a recently discovered mineral brought a spark of hope. Lumen, is a crystal of high energy potency. This can also be the last chance for the laboring population. This mineral can greatly increase humanity’s odds of survival.

A team of Scouts, highly specialized miners, has gone deep below the ground. It’s almost impossible to survive there.
They built a base near where the deposits of Lumen exist. Since their mission in Lumencraft is very simple. Dig up and collect the precious mineral.
However, getting back with it to the surface alive is also an issue. Since no one has lived to tell that tale yet. This also means facing nasty hostile caverns in Lumencraft. Which are proving to be a very strong barrier so far. But they also hold the key to rebuild the fading population.

What to expect from the game:

  • Defending an underground base by direct combat. All while using a wide array of turrets in the top-down shooter.
  • Highly efficient and very effective digging mechanics.
  • Explosive weapons.
  • Dynamic lights and pixel perfect interaction. Along with the fully destructible terrain.
  • A setting of dread created through the vibrant sound design. With a unique 2Dynamic lighting system.
  • Tech tree that gives you a strong feeling of progress.
  • Realistic physics simulations (just look at the lava!).

Lumencraft top-down shooter will debut in the Steam Next Festival. Expecting to arrive on October 1, 2021. Doing so in the form of a playable demo. This will be followed by a Steam Early Access debut in the coming months. Which is due to include support for both Linux and Windows PC.

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