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Lumo isometric puzzle-adventure release date for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


The whimsical #isometric puzzle #adventure Lumo is set for a April 26th launch on Linux, Mac and Windows PC, developer Triple Eh? announced.

Lumo is a Finnish word meaning enchantment.

#GarethNoyce, the brain behind Ruffian Games (Crackdown 2) and co-founder Lumo takes players on a mission of controlling a young wizard exploring a 400+ room labyrinthine castle and restarting machinery. Said to have a great deal of humour, paying an honor to 8-bit 80’s classics Head Over Heels and Knight Lore.

Gareth Noyce, a games industry veteran with over 13 years experience shipping AAA, 1st party, console titles. He was subbed in early 2013 and is now warming up the bench in Helsinki, Finland.
In April 2013 Noyce moved to Finland and began teaching Game Design, Unity & Business and Production courses at TAMK Univeristy, as well as exploring ideas for mobile and PC games. Lumo was born toward the end of 2013 and is his first project to come out under the Triple Eh? banner.

To get a better sense of what makes Lumo so impressive in video form, here is the official Triple Eh? YouTube channel and follow on Facebook.


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