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LUNA The Shadow Dust 2020 February release

luna the shadow dust 2020 february release for linux mac windows pc

LUNA The Shadow Dust explain the 2020 February release for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. According to the latest developer update from Lantern Studio.

LUNA The Shadow Dust is a fully hand-animated Point and Click puzzle adventure. Coming to life using wordless storytelling. Including beautiful cinematics, and an amazing original soundtrack.

Lantern also lost its sound FX person. But the developers are pulling through. Thanks to FatBard who are a two person audio team replacement.
Similarly, Lantern Studio brings more good news for 2020. The release window and an explanation. Announcing the details on Steam and Kickstarter.

LUNA The Shadow Dust delayed release:

One of the key survival (not even ‘big sell’) rules for an indie launch is simply, “do not clash with AAAs titles”. Secondly, landing in a key sales season would also be a bad option. And there are many! From Winter sales to Summer sales. The calendar is dotted with distracting discounts. For every public holiday and festival.
Thirdly, as a small team, we really need word of mouth. From the media, press and our fans. It’s vital that the LUNA The Shadow Dust news spreads as far as it can. Given our limited resources. This means we also need to consider launching the game when people are not on holiday.

The developer explains even further. The LUNA The Shadow Dust release window is narrowing down. Likewise, the studio is considering quality. So they are not pushing out a game with bugs. And as a result, they are not worried about missing their release window.

Meanwhile, we’re working on making sure all PC/Mac/Linux and DRM-free builds are compatible with the platforms.

LUNA The Shadow Dust is due for a 2020 February release. Although there is no specific date yet. This will happen once the game is 100% ready. And according to the backer update, that detail is coming soon. So make sure to Wishlist on Steam and GOG.

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