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LUNA The Shadow Dust puzzler coming 2019

luna the shadow dust puzzler games coming 2019 for linux mac windows

LUNA The Shadow Dust point and click puzzler games coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to the efforts of Lantern Studio. Who also happen to have a successful Kickstarter. Taking place back in 2016. Now the games coming to Steam.

LUNA The Shadow Dust by Lantern Studio is a picture book. Also a point and click puzzle adventure. Put into motion and coming to Linux, Mac and Windows this year. With hints of Machinarium and Gorogoa.

While LUNA The Shadow Dust follows a dream like quest. A young boy who must restore light and balance. All within the games enchanted world.
Where the player experiences hand drawn graphics. Also clever puzzles and haunting music. This is an indie gem in the making.

Behind the veil of reality, lies an enchanted world. When the world loses its balance. It also fell upon a boy to take on an unexpected journey. Until the moon rises again. The order of the world will not restore itself. One can not go back in time to correct his mistake.

Whatever happened is irreversible…or is it?

LUNA The Shadow Dust Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

In LUNA The Shadow Dust with our main character and his mystery friend. Players will experience an unique adventure. One that also requires both courage and determination. Enter the ancient tower that stands at the edge of world. While you help the character bring back his lost memories. And also find out the darkest secret beyond the tower itself.

The Demo:

If you want to try the point and click puzzler Demo. It’s only available for Windows and Mac.
The Windows version also works via Wine. Since the game engine is Unity 3D. Just extract the files and run “wine Luna.exe”, enjoy.


  • Traditional frame by frame character animation & hand-drawn artwork.
    Who can resist not using this time consuming and bonkers animation technique in a game?! People might say we are crazy. We agree.
  • Single player mode with Dual character control
    How many things can go wrong in LUNA The Shadow Dust? Since you need to control 2 characters at the same time? Yes, a LOT. But double the difficulty means double the fun. Also, double the difficulty.
  • Think outside of the box of the box
    Be ready for the puzzles that are full of surprises in LUNA The Shadow Dust. In order to solve the them. Not only your logic will be challenged. But also your observation and reaction speed. As well as music sensibility. While most importantly, your imagination.
  • LESS reading, MORE cinematics
    We replaced the dialogue system in LUNA The Shadow Dust. Along with a series of hand drawn cinematics. No matter where you’re from. Either human or Martian. You will have fun playing this game!
  • Interactive Original Music
    We are so serious about the music. That our musician has sold her soul to the game music devil.
    LUNA Music Demo

LUNA The Shadow Dust is slated for a Steam release this year. As for the release date, “we are aiming for June.” And the price “under discussion now.”

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