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Lunar Axe will have you unravel a mystery

lunar axe game will have you unravel a mystery on linux and windows pc

Lunar Axe game will have you unravel a mystery on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the genius and creative minds of developer Ops Game Studio. Which is available on Steam with a discount. As well as 100% Positive reviews.

Lunar Axe is a point and click adventure game. While offering locations and a story inspired by real places. Along with some amazing hand-drawing art similar to that of Darkest Dungeon.

After a big earthquake in the city, the ruins of an old building collapse. As a result, you end up stuck inside a big abandoned house. So now, it’s up to you to find a way out and unravel the mystery of the strange tremors. You will also meet the guardian spirit of a mystical artefact. Since it’s up to you to learn its relation to recent events before it’s too late.

Lunar Axe – Official Gameplay Trailer

Search, collect, match clues and objects through various puzzles and HOG scenes. Find historical items that will help you in Lunar Axe that will help you understand the mystery that surrounds the city. Explore different locations based on real settings that offer a perfect blend of legend and history. While you learn more about the real facts that inspired the game with a gallery of references.


  • 35+ Diferent scenes based on real locations
  • 30+ Puzzles and HOG scenes in Lunar Axe
  • Amazing hand-drawn 2D art
  • Original soundtrack
  • History inspired by Brazilian folklore
  • Bonus material with storyline references
  • Prevent the destruction of the city of São Luís

Lunar Axe gameplay is about solving puzzles and exploring different settings. Due to find a mystical weapon and discover the mystery behind earthquakes destroying the city.

Lunar Axe will have you unravel a mystery on Linux and Windows PC. Available now on Steam, along with a 10% discount until July 18th. Also dropping the price to $6.39 USD / £4.63 / 5,27€.

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