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Lunark 2D cinematic platformer on Kickstarter

lunark 2d cinematic platformer on kickstarter linux mac windows games

Lunark the 2D cinematic platformer games coming to Mac and Window, but what about Linux support? Currently on Kickstarter with a crowdfunding campaign seeking $70,000 CAD. Which is already 50% funded with 14 days left to go.
Also a one man developer for the project, Johan Vinet aka. Canari Games. Who has some interesting news for Linux support.

Linux Support:

“I’m using GameMaker Studio 2 for Lunark. I planned to announce Windows OSX Linux originally. But was advised to avoid that road as much as possible. Because there are too many bugs and conflicts. These need too many resources for 1 dev team to handle. And as a solo-dev with a very limited budget. I prefer to focus on what I know I can deliver.
This is not a definitive answer. Maybe during development it’ll be possible to export on Linux.”

Since Johan Vinet does not rule out Linux support. And also comes clean about platform support. Since Linux for many Early Access games is not available until full release. The above reply should not be a shock to anyone.
Also, seeing I have personally run into GameMaker Studio 2 issues. With developers having problems with Ubuntu versions. Which also ends up putting Linux on the backburner.
Here’s hoping for support during Lunark development.

Lunark is development follows in the vein of ’80s and ’90s classics. Such as Prince of Persia and Flashback. Where players have to run, jump, hang, climb and roll. While shooting your way through mysterious alien ruins. As well as a flying prison. Plus a high tech megalopolis and a stunning forest.

Lunark Kickstarter Trailer (Windows, Mac, maybe Linux)

As Earth becomes hostile, an AI is created, Noah. The AI whose only purpose is to preserve humanity. Noah chooses the Moon as humanity’s Ark, aka Lunark. While using it as a ship to evacuate a handful of chosen ones. Travelling to the nearest super liveable planet. Sadly, whether livable or not is not part of Noah’s programming.

Now, centuries later, you play as Leo. An orphan rejected for being… different.
While retracing your origins in a rebellion. Which goes against the monolithic rule of Lunark. The player meets a wide cast of colourful characters. All stuck on either side of this rising conflict.

Lunark as a homage to cinematic platformer’s. While bringing a modern take to a lot of the core aspects. The controls are responsive and intuitive. And the progression system is generous. The games design will feel fresh while being sentimental. And Johan Vinet is working to create explosive moments.

Lunark is also an adventure with a thrilling narrative still on Kickstarter. Coming to Mac and Windows in April 2020. Which will be available on both Steam and Itch. But with hope for Linux as well.

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