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Luna's Wandering Stars A Planetary Puzzler on Kickstarter

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Currently, there are hundreds of games and thousands of projects on Kickstarter at any given time. Now the staff of Kickstarter have given Serenity Forge their seal of approval, considering the Luna’s Wandering Stars campaign as one of the best projects on the crowdfunding website. At the time of this post, there are still 15 days to go, with 113 pledges, totalling more than $4,300, which makes Luna’s Wandering Stars 97% funded.

“At Serenity Forge, we want to create interactive experiences that enrich people’s lives”, says Serenity Forge founder Zhenghua Yang, “That’s what Luna’s Wandering Stars is all about, and with this staff pick, we’re this much closer to our goal.”

So what is the game about?

Luna’s Wandering Stars is a planetary physics puzzler. Letting you the player control the powers of the solar system and exploring your curiosity of space. Gravity, orbits, black holes, wormholes, meteors, and… lasers?!
You will use a variety of powers and tricks to control planetary movements, such as changing gravity, designating velocity, and applying force. Gameplay thats easy to learn, but hard to master, Serenity Forge are challenging you to become the masters of gravity and planetary physics.

Ever since Pluto lost her status as a planet, she’s been feeling down. Luna, the goddess of the moons, makes a promise to change Pluto’s destiny, but only if they can solve the other planets’ problems first. But no pressure.

As Pluto travels through the Solar System, you will gain fun powers and tools with the help of the planets. Each power brings a unique challenge to the gravity-based gameplay:

★Mercury★ Give moons a velocity in order to set their course.

★Venus★ Use rockets to apply a force and change moons’ orbits.

★Earth★ Change the gravitational strength of the planet.

★Mars★ Obstacle-destroying laser. Pew pew!

★Jupiter★ Create mini black holes and see how it affects the objects around it…

★Saturn★ Modify the density of moons by changing their volume.

★Uranus★ Slip moons between moments in time.

★Neptune★ Create force fields. Use angles and reflection to your advantage.

★Pluto★ Reposition Pluto to influence moons’ orbits.

Infinite possibilities with gravity-based gameplay!

Environmental objects can both help or hinder your goal of collecting asteroids. These objects include:


☆Asteroid fields

☆Boost pads


Thats not all. There will even be a Level Editor

What’s the point of playing around with orbital physics if you can’t create your own planetary levels?
That’s why every PC, Mac, and Linux copy of Luna’s Wandering Stars will include a free level editor,  intuitive interface, and the ability to go online, where you can:

  • Create and play all community-made custom levels
  • Share and rate all online levels

Yes, you will want to get in on this Kickstarter campaign.

Who are Serenity Forge?

Serenity Forge are indie game developers, founded by Zhenghua Yang, that seek to change and enrich your life by creating experiences that challenge the way you think.
The core team of Luna’s Wandering Stars include Zhenghua Yang (Z), Takumi McAllister, and David Forman, with additional core development from Boan (Dian) Ding and Kevin Zhang. Serenity Forge have put hundreds of hours into making this game and money from their own pockets, but they cannot complete Luna’s Wandering Stars without your help. This is a great team dedicated to making a great game.

So donations will go toward software purchases (Unity Pro, Logic Pro, etc.), continuing development in design, programming, 3D art, music, and other miscellaneous costs that contribute to independent game development; a hungry indie game developer is a grumpy indie game devoper!

Check out Luna’s Wandering Stars on Kickstarter for more details

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