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MacGuffin’s Curse puzzle adventure to get a port

macguffin's curse werewolf puzzle adventure game to get a linux port with mac windows pc

MacGuffin’s Curse werewolf puzzle adventure game is due to get a Linux port with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the development efforts of Brawsome. Gearing up for a release on Steam soon.

MacGuffin’s Curse first launched in April 2012 on Mac and Windows PC, nearly 10 years ago. With the release of Warp Frontier in September 2021. Brawsome took the time to put the award winning werewolf puzzle adventure on its rightful home, Linux.

MacGuffin’s Curse is a love letter to classic games. The developer always wanted it on Linux, but back in 2012 there just didn’t seem a great fit. The only problem, bringing back a Unity project that is nearly 10 years old So, after three weeks of digging, bug squashing, and some electroshock therapy. MacGuffin’s Curse is brought back into the world. Also ready to be engaged once more by lovers of comedy, puzzles, and werewolves.

MacGuffin’s Curse Official Trailer


  • Friendly for all players – Enjoy a quick and fun logic puzzle fix. You can also lose yourself in a sprawling full length cartoon adventure.
  • 150+ Puzzle Rooms – Inspired by classic top down console adventures. MacGuffin’s Curse offers increasing mind bending tests to push your logical thinking skills to the limit!
  • Challenge Without Frustration – Stuck on a room? P.I. Strump is on the line to help you along (at least between thinly veiled insults). Doing so with a seamlessly integrated hint system.
  • 90+ Sidequests – Meet the colourful nightlife of Feyre – a carnival city under curfew. Also earn their trust with bizarre, legally questionable favours!
  • Charming Hand Drawn Art – Collect 50 lavishly drawn comic panels to piece together. Each expands on the shocking secret backstories of key characters!
  • Razor Sharp Dialogue – MacGuffin’s Curse offers witty banter straight from the golden age of point and click adventure games. Since you’ll want to chat to every stranger and examine every park bench!
  • Insanely Catchy Soundtrack – From spooky strings to acoustic gypsy power rock. This is certainly a fun, upbeat score destined to have you humming along!
  • Extensive Replay Value – Post-game tests, hidden easter eggs, and unlockable comics. While the developers’ commentary will keep you coming back long after the credits roll.

MacGuffin’s Curse werewolf puzzle adventure has had a HD remaster, So it supports widescreens, and with its new facelift is re-releasing on Steam for Linux, Mac, and Widnows PC.

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