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MachiaVillain has a new Electrocution update

machiaVillain new electrocution update in linux mac windows games

MachiaVillain has new Electrocution update in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Thanks to Good Shepherd Entertainment. And also indie developer Wild Factor. Who bring content with some very high-voltage substance. Since the developer keesp adding to the horror strategy game. And this MachiaVillain update is now on Linux, Mac and Windows.

So now, MachiaVillain has a new Electrocution update. This also includes even more powers now. While making the management of monsters and traps more devious. Also funnier, for an evil villa strategy game.

MachiaVillain‘s new update adds electric fields. Expanding up the already hellish homestead. While allowing players to use new tools and abilities. You can also use alarm systems and block cell phones. Preventing victims from calling for help.
So now you swing the finger of evil. While making enemies fidget or giving the servants an electric shock.

MachiaVillain – Massive Electrocution Update (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The games also taking inspiration from horror movie classics. So games like Dungeon Keeper definitely come to mind.
MachiaVillain lets players build the macabre mansion of their dreams. So you can go on to assemble a true menagerie of monsters. Including deadly traps to lure mortals in. You know, for the minions can enjoy them.

In addition, you use leftover, fragmented body parts. And other environmental resources to create new items. Also protecting the mansion from supernatural creatures. As well as experienced monster hunters.

Even the best thought leaders and planners must keep to a code of honor. As you work to become the worst threat in the neighbourhood. So make sure to slay strictly according to the rules. Victims, when they are alone, keep the maiden alive. Well at least until the end. And also never, really, NEVER hurt the dog!

MachiaVillain is priced at $19.99 USD. Releasing on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

More information is handy on the official website. Also make sure to follow on Twitter at @GoodShepherdEnt and @WildFactorGames.

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