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MachiaVillain strategy management releases

machiavillain strategy management sim releases in linux mac windows games

MachiaVillain the strategy management sim finally releases for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also comes to us thanks to Good Shepherd Entertainment. Also independent developer Wild Factor. Who finally releases the evil mansion management strategy game.

Available now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC for $19.99 USD on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. This also includes a special 20% discount available from now until May 23rd.

Inspired by the classic tropes of horror cinema and games like Dungeon Keeper. MachiaVillain lets you build the macabre mansion of your dreams. Assembling a menagerie of monsters and set deadly traps. While luring your next-door mortals inside for your minions to feast upon.

MachiaVillain strategy management Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

But beware: even masterminds must obey a code of honor. So to become the most frightening menace in the neighborhood. This means you’ll have to slay by the rules. Like targeting victims when they’re alone. Keeping the virgin alive until the end, and never, EVER hurt the dog.

MachiaVillain oozes with fun features to let you unleash your inner evil genius. Balance your monsters’ unique traits, then customize your palace of panic to make them feel at home. Use leftover dismembered body parts and other environmental resources. Then craft new items and keep the manor safe from supernatural creatures. While keeping monster hunters out, so you can exorcise your gruesome good time!

Be aware that the League of MachiaVillain Villains has adopted a strict policy that governs the level of wickedness that you have to adhere to in order to stay in the community. Drs Frank and Stein, Siamese co-Chairmen of the Board of evil ( BDM ),

Steam, GOG and Humble Releases:

MachiaVillain is available now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC for $19.99 USD. Including a special 20% discount available from now until May 23rd on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

For more information, follow @GoodShepherdEnt and @WildFactorGames on Twitter.

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