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Mad Experiments: Escape Room 2 to get Prologue

mad experiments: escape room 2 co-op puzzle game due to get prologue for linux mac windows pc

Mad Experiments: Escape Room 2 co-op puzzle game is due to get Prologue for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. At least that’s the plan according to developer PlayTogether Studio. Which is coming to Steam next week

Mad Experiments: Escape Room 2, a co-op puzzle game. But it’s also due to present its prologue during the Steam Next Fest from February 21-28, 2022. The studio PlayTogether email verifies, “we will release a free prologue on Feb 21st on Steam on Linux as well.” All while citing this moment by debuting a brand new gameplay video.
Mad Experiments: Escape Room 2 is due to release on Early Access on March 22, 2022. The game offers a true co-op escape room action for up to 6 players. All coming to within the comforts of home.

The Escape Room Experience

  • with the comfort of your home
  • include faraway friends
  • with colleagues for a team-building experience

Co-operate with up to 6 other people and solve challenging puzzles. Since you are due to escape the room in less than 60 minutes.

The prologue to Mad Experiments: Escape Room 2 at the Steam Next Festival will immerse players. While letting you explore Professor Cheshire’s mysterious mansion. Along with its eerie Victorian steampunk setting.

Mad Experiments: Escape Room 2 – Prologue Trailer

Mad Experiments: Escape Room 2 is for all lovers of co-op puzzle games. Including fans of escape rooms in real life. Also offering a chance due to distance, their schedule, or their budget do not have access to it in real life.
In addition, online escape room games are a popular team building activity. Which was the first opus of Mad Experiments: Escape Room.

Likewise, 2 additional escape rooms (chapters) will be coming. Doing so at the time of the Early Access release on March 22, 2022. You will also learn more about the secrets of this strange place. Including its people, all by solving new puzzles with your co-op spirit.


  • Experience an Escape Game, online.
  • Team up to 6 players
  • Co-op: talk, explore, collect clues, and solve tough puzzles together
  • Escape from 3 Rooms + a Prologue
  • Time limited. 60 minutes per room
  • Relax mode – Unlimited Time
  • Solve unique puzzles and riddles while examining and interacting with dozens of objects
  • Engage in a Victorian steampunk setting. With elegant scenery and a special musical feel.
  • Unravel the pieces of Hildegarde and Professor Cheshire’s story as you go along

Mad Experiments: Escape Room 2 Prologue for the co-op puzzle game will be live February 21-28, 2022. Due to arrive on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. With a Steam Early Access debut coming March 22, 2022.

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