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Mad Experiments: Escape Room releases Chapter 3

mad experiments: escape room releases chapter 3 in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Mad Experiments: Escape Room releases Chapter 3 in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to indie solo developer Clement Marthe from PlayTogether Studio. Which is now available on Humble Store and Steam. Which already has 90% Very Positive reviews.

Mad Experiments: Escape Room lets you get your hands on Chapter 3. Which is available for free to all game owners. Due note though, English is the only language available for Chapter 3. Since everything is still being translated. PlayTogether Studio also points out that all languages will be coming in the coming days.

The roots of the game also take ideas from real escape rooms. Immersing you into a singleplayer setting. Or play in multiplayer for 1 to 6 players, or maybe in co-op. Since you are stuck in a strange mansion of Professor Cheshire. As a result, you now have 60 minutes to explore and gather clues. Work to solve unique puzzles and unravel the secrets of this place.

You can also test the game and play the native Demo on Steam.

Mad Experiments Escape Room Launch Trailer

Why are you stuck there? What kind of tests is Professor Cheshire is doing?
Answer these questions by playing the game. Work your way through three 1-hour rooms. While you will follow the story of Professor Cheshire and Hildegarde. As you face this mind bending experience. Trying to escape the madness of a quirky scientist.


  • Mad Experiments: Escape Room is a multiplayer story escape game.
  • Play with up to 6 players
  • Take on unique visual puzzles and riddles
  • A curious setting built up by a lavish decor and musical background
  • Cooperative and a story puzzle game. While you uncover chapters of Professor Cheshire’s haunting story. As well as his experiments on the human mind

The game will certainly challenge players:

  • Expect visual puzzles, riddles, an intriguing song in Mad Experiments: Escape Room. Since every puzzle is unique!
  • Relay details with your teammates to share what you find
  • Escape each room to unravel the different chapters. Face mind bending story of Professor Cheshire and his daughter Hildegarde

Mad Experiments: Escape Room releases Chapter 3 for Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Available on Humble Store and Steam. Priced at $14.99 USD.

Players can also join the community of escape room fans on the games Discord. Even more find players or get more clues.

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