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Mad World games new trailer is inspiring

mad world games new trailer is inspiring for linux mac windows

Mad World just released a new trailer for the games upcoming Linux, Mac and Windows release. Which is also a very promising upcoming MMORPG.

While the game’s art style, soundtrack, and overall theme is really impressive. What really stands out about Mad World, it’s built entirely in HTML 5. So it should run in a basic web browser. Including cross-platform gameplay across Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. And whatever other platform the games expecting to release on. Also, this will not be an open world game like Albion Online.

Linux release:

“Unless something unexpected happens, yes. Linux will be supported from day one.”

Jandisoft showed how well this works in a follow-up video back in August. Since that point we have not heard that much about developer. Mad World is heading to Steam. So this will be an additional platform where the game is expecting to release. Arriving sometime this fall. Jandisoft also unveils an awesome new trailer for the game.

Mad World MMORPG new trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

While having the ability to play in real-time with hundreds of other players. All cross-platform across a host of devices. And also with all games progress being saved server-side. This makes for seamless transition. So we can expect farming, hunting, PVP, PVE, Quests, Giant Bosses and Item Trading. Features are typically found in traditional MMORPG’s.
Seeing there is all sorts of potential for Mad World. While capturing a huge audience of players.
So it’s exciting to see a developer really trying to explore the benefits of HTML5. And seeing that the game looks so good already is impressive. Meaning, if a games looking as good as it plays in a browser, wow.

Steam games release

Since it’s not yet clear if Mad World will be launching on all platforms. This will be free-to-play game with micro-transaction. But we are still looking for the Steam release this fall. Also this might be available earlier or later.
The release is pegged for a 2018. So we should all be able to play it on whatever platform we choose later this year.

For more details, check out the official website. Also follow on Twitter and check out more video on YouTube.

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