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Mad World MMORPG releases Raid Footage

mad world mmorpg releases raid footage for linux mac windows

Mad World MMORPG releases new raid footage for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games is coming to Steam this fall. Even though we do not have a release date yet.

Since the game will be cross-playable, inviting players from various platforms, from PC to mobile. This is also good news for Linux gamers. Taking your game to your phone when away from your PC.

When will we see a playable build?

“It’s not set in stone but we are looking at sometime from August to September for a CBT before we launch a beta version.”

Clad in unique hand-drawn 2D art style. Mad World also stays true to the classic MMORPG’s but with a few tweaks. Leaving the MMORPG’s standard combat style, the game’s Target and Move style makes the combat more dynamic, and its classless weapon-based skill system gives more options when using skills.

Mad World MMORPG – Raid Footage (Linux, Mac, Windows)

As for us, as you can see in the video above, we hit the road to test-drive the latest map and some new monsters (The best time at work, no doubt.) besides watching World Cup games of course. Now, you might be wondering why do the UIs look so messy?!! Do they even care about them?! Worry not because we do, and UI is one of the things we are planning to polish later along with proper translation to English and other languages.

However, one thing we absolutely don’t want to do later , and want to start doing as early as possible is increasing the awareness of Mad World.

This is the message the popped up in my email. The message also goes on to ask community members to share posts from the games Facebook page. And

Mad World‘s unique and dark setting comes with an in-depth storyline. Enslaved humans’ struggle against Demons leads to dramatic and unexpected events, providing an engaging story-driven quests and many memorable experiences while actions and choices players make throughout their journey impact how their character evolves.

Mad World is aiming to launch this fall. To sign up for updates on future beta tests, please visit the official website.


  • MMORPG Powered-by HTML5. No installations.
  • Truly multi-player experience thanks to the cross-platform feature
  • Hand-drawn 2D art-style
  • Target and move combat style
  • Classless weapon-based skills
  • Battles against grotesque monsters and giant creatures
  • A dark and grotesque setting

Mad World MMORPG is coming to Steam this fall for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also that new trailer is looking impressive. I’m eager for the release.

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