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Madcap Castle is a love letter to retro portables

madcap castle is a loveletter to retro portable games on linux mac windows 2017

The challenging game Madcap Castle is retro portable coming to Linux. While the developmer is indie studio Diel Mormac Games. Publishing by IDJ Games. The release date promises to bring many adventures. Also creative fun and a lot of nostalgia through 150 levels. The games coming to Steam and Itch on December 11th, 2017 for Linux, Mac and Windows. So this is a true loveletter to those retro portable games on Steam.

At first look, you would not consider the games graphics. That being said, the trailer peaks some interest.

Madcap Castle really is a true love letter. So players can relive the classic Game Boy graphics. Also, the gameplay mechanics and audio now carefully up to update. So this is a retro experience to modern devices. Retaining everything that gamers love about the portable.
Madcap Castle is seeing a lot of success at expos. This includes the recent edition of Brazil Game Show. Where players could buy an exclusive collector edition. This included a physical box, a poster, stickers and the games Steam key.

Madcap Castle – Steam GreenLight Trailer:

Along the 150 levels, the players will control a mage in a castle crowded of obstacles. Dodging enemies and finding secrets. Trying to restore his memory and powers.

Also, the creation of Madcap Castle is 48 hour project. This was during BaconGameJam10 by Diel Mormac (@dielmormac). Which ended up winning the competition. After that, Diel sought partners in the game development community. Those who would like to continue the development and turn it into a full product. Then joined by Rubens Stephan, Guilherme Abel, Mauricio and Alegretti. So now we are creating up to the full release. And I have to admit, the game looks interesting. Since the XBOX 360 has support. I’m sure the Steam Controller will work just as well.

Madcap Castle is a retro portable coming to Steam and Itch for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games debut will take place on December 11, 2017. That is if you like that classic retro vibe.