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Mages Initiation point and click RPG launches

mages initiation point and click rpg launches in linux mac windows games

Mages Initiation: Reign of the Elements point and click action RPG launches in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Developer
Himalaya Studios creates a more playable point and click adventure. This is more of an RPG in gameplay. So you can expect a more engaging story. Which is also available on Steam, GOG and Humble Store right now.

D’arc has spent most of his life in the Mage’s Tower. While studying the art of elemental magic. Now his skills will be put to the test. While taking on three quests across the mystical land of Iginor.
Since the realm’s once compassionate winged guardians turned hostile. Now the restless redcap goblins are also on the warpath.
Can D’arc pass his initiation? And also rescue a kingdom on the brink of chaos?

With combat that’s easy to run away from. And since the game also has absolutely no stat grinding.
Mages Initiation is a casual RPG with old-school adventure game roots. With four Elemental character classes. Each with unique spells, puzzle solutions and side quests. Which also makes this an adventure worth playing, more than once. And the detail in the hand-drawn pixel art speaks for itself. While the trailer has an element of cheese.

Mages Initiation: Reign of the Elements Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So now after ten years of development. Himalaya Studios is eager to announce the release of Mages Initiation: Reign of the Elements. This is also a hybrid adventure RPG. Following in the tradition of the classic King’s Quest and Quest for Glory series.

Mages Initiation: Reign of the Elements is a $14.99 USD on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. You can download the game for Linux, Masc and Windows. Which is also on sale for 10% off for the first week. But the discount ends on February 6th.

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