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Magicka 2 open for pre-order for Windows PC, with a Linux release to follow

Magicka 2 will #release May 26, according to the creative #trailer above. The series’ unique improvisational approach to attack combinations will arrive with a new #artifactsystem, which introduces the ability to dramatically change the way the game plays.


  • As an all-powerful Wizard, you will have thousands of spells at your fingertips to experiment and defeat evil with, use them together with special Magicks to annihilate foes or give necessary aid to your companions.
  • Combine up to five elements at a time and work together with—or against—your friends for that full Magicka co-op experience.
  • Four Player Friendly Fire Compatible Co-op
  • Full co-op support! All levels and game modes in Magicka 2 will be supported for four player co-op with hot join, checkpoints, and other supportive features and functionality.
  • Friendly fire is always on, promoting emergent gameplay humor as players accidentally hurt or kill their friends in their attempts to annihilate enemies.
  • Overcome insurmountable odds to beat the Challenge mode.

Having a choice from tons of robes, staffs, and weapons you can customize your Wizard to unleash havoc amongst hordes of fantasy creatures. Magicka 2 comes with a dynamic spellcasting system that can be used in a variety of different ways, offering hours of experimentation for players to figure out which spells work best for their play style. Adding both co-op and friendly fire on top of that and you have a recipe for some hilarious disasters.

Magicka 2 offers players a story-driven campaign mode set in a richly dynamic fantasy world influenced by Nordic folklore. The franchise also offeres “Artifacts,” which act as different switches and options for players to customize, change gameplay experience, which adds more replayability to the game. The list of actually useful and less comical things, you can tweak pretty much every gameplay element: enemy strength, magic types. Artifacts are a finite source so you will need to choose them wisely.

Even better, Magick 2 is now open for pre-order on Steam, with a Linux version promised sometime this fall.


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