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Magma Chamber update adds to Monster Sanctuary

magma chamber update adds to monster sanctuary on linux mac windows pc
Magma Chamber update adds another area to Monster Sanctuary on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Moi Rai Games. The update is included for owners of the game on Humble Store and Steam.

So it seems Team17 and Moi Rai Games have a new update. This is also free Magma Chamber update for Monster Sanctuary. Adding onto the RPG that still has 96% Very Positive reviews. And the games only in Steam Early Access. Featuring 3v3 turn-based combat plus a metroidvania world. There is also a whole host of monsters to collect.
Monster Sanctuary challenges players. Since it’s up to you to uncover the mystery around humans and monsters.

Monster Sanctuary Magma Chamber Update Trailer

Enter the hottest, steamiest, most fiery and volatile area. The Magma Chamber update continues to expand the large roster of monsters. All of which are available to capture in Monster Sanctuary. So that players have to explore new fiery lands. Then unlock new equipment. Veteran players can also enjoy an increased level cap. Plus a new PvP season with a refreshed leaderboard. Which includes a new goblin merchant.

What’s in the update?

  • New experiences: A brand-new story arc with two additional ‘Keeper Duels’ and a ‘Champion battle’ against a demonic warrior. So you can spend gold in two new narratives.
  • New monsters:Eight new Monsters in the Magma Chamber update. All themed around fire. Including several new dragon-type Monsters from the Draco family. Later content updates will expand this family.
  • Stat boosts: All of the 61 previous monsters now have Tier 5 skills available, granting access to several new skills.

Along with the Magma Chamber update. The Level Cap has been raised to Level 33 (from Level 29). This means that Monsters are now able to access the fifth and final tier of their skill trees

Monster Sanctuary adventure RPG is available on Humble Store and Steam. Which also comes with support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $17.99 USD /€15.99 / £13.99.

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