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Magna Graecia and Archimedes Update releases

magna graecia and archimedes update releases on Imperator: Rome linux mac windows pc

Magna Graecia and Archimedes Update releases for Imperator: Rome on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the continued efforts of developer Paradox Development Studio. Available on Steam, GOG and the Paradox Store.

The rise of Macedon overwhelmed the ancient fame of Athens and Sparta. But with the death of Alexander. The prospect of freedom among competing empires offers a chance to revive lost glories. In Magna Graecia, a new content pack for Imperator: Rome. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. You can certainly play this dangerous game. But maybe restore the Greek city states to imperial power.

Imperator: Rome grand strategy game about the classical world. Gets that new content pack. And as a result, Magna Graecia enhances the experience of playing Greek minor cities. Notably the big three – Athens, Sparta and Syracuse.

Imperator: Rome | Magna Graecia Content Pack trailer

Magna Graecia includes:

  • Apotheosis: A popular ruler from a prestigious family. Can also be declared a god. Due to being welcomed into the State Pantheon. So if you elevate enough rulers. You may institute an Imperial Cult religion.
  • New Greek Missions: Magna Graecia brings new missions. Available for Athens, Sparta, Syracusae.
  • New Deities: 12 new Greek deities tied to historical Holy Sites. Available across the Greek world.
  • Hellenistic Themed Treasures: Collect special artifacts. Since they are based on the history and legends of the Hellenistic world.
  • New Music, Art, and 3D Models

We also see the release of the free 1.4 “Archimedes” update. Available now for Imperator: Rome. Which is separate from Magna Graecia. This update addresses the rather religious aspect of the game. While introducing Pantheons and other divine changes.

Imperator: Rome | 1.4 Archimedes Update (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)


  • State Deities: The Omens system has been replaced by a national Pantheon. Gods from across your empire are welcome into this divine collection. While providing passive bonuses most of the time. Although you can invoke their power for greater benefits. This is all separate from the Magna Graecia content pack too.
  • Holy Sites: The classical world was full of sacred groves and secret locales. Holy Sites increase the strength of the relevant idol in your Pantheon. Or may be removed for their wealth by less faithful rulers.
  • Sacred Treasures: Admirable historical and holy relics can be stored in your National Treasury. While earning small bonuses. If you sack an enemy’s Holy Sites or capital. There is also a chance you might capture these special artifacts.
  • Loyalty Rework: Instead of a ticking scale to track. Character Loyalty will be a sum of various factors. While making it easier to understand and control.

The Magna Graecia content pack releases on Steam, GOG and the Paradox Store. Priced at $7.99 USD / £5.79 / €7.99.

Curious players can now take advantage of the opportunity to play Imperator: Rome for free until 22:00 CEST on Sunday, April 05, 2020.