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Maia now has a full release on Steam

maia now has a full release on steam for linux mac windows

Maia finally has a full release on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Where gamesplay takes places in a strange and hostile alien world. One that is very toxic to humans, yet lush with new life. Also available with a discount.

Your mission in Maia is to colonise this poison eden. While working to survive it’s dangers and establish humanity’s first foothold in the stars. And thanks to independent developer Simon Roth. Maia now has a full release for the space colony simulation game. And of course, available on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Which for me seems very similar to Dungeons 3. Or rather, the Dungeons games in general. But there are no grunts to smack around. And definitely no underworld to have to manage. Instead you establish your colony, like Surviving Mars.

Since the planet’s environmental changes are sudden. This results in communication failure. While previous factors, such as the planet’s harsh atmosphere and indigenous life have been responsible for communication and progress delays. But engineers on Maia do manage to weather the conditions. So contact is rarely lost for more than a week.

Since the Maia mission is a select group of scientists, engineers, biologists and other specialists. They are all investigating the planet and attempting to make it suitable for human habitation.

Maia Full Release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows):

What’s happening in the launch update on Steam:

It’s finally time to launch the game! The 0.69 update has hundreds of changes, fixes and a space shuttle’s worth of new content. It’s live now so give it a go!

This won’t be Maia’s final update, we’re got a lot more coming very shortly!

The Campaign

The full seven mission narrative campaign is in with voiceover. The missions will take about 14 hours for the average player and test your skills in a variety of situations.

Role Allocation Systems

Want a dedicated builder, hydroponics worker or researcher? Construct the role allocation systems in the control room and choose from your colonists with the right skills. Remember if you don’t have the skills the desk in the research room can be used by colonists to learn new expertise.


The entire soundscape of the game has been reworked. The environment sounds richer, more varied and also gives away many more useful game play cues.

The soundtrack has been extended with many more spine tingling dark 70’s synth tracks.

Build Menu and Interface changes

In item build mode you can hold alt or middle click to bring up a selectable menu of items to place. This makes dealing with the longer lists much easier.

Many other small tweaks have come to the interface with smarter popups, less text, a smaller default cursor, better responsiveness and less clutter.

AI and balance

The colonists needs and AI have been given a balancing pass, with the notable change that fatigue is reduced on several actions. Surface operations will be more viable with longer trips and better use of suit refill points and airlocks.

Other changes:

You can see a full list of changes since the last update at the developer website.

Arnold Heinberg of the European Space Research Department stated: ‘I’m sure that the people on Maia, they’re perfectly safe.

‘We’ve known for a few years that Maia had the potential to become habitable by humans, and early signs have been very promising.”

So according to the post, it seems Daily builds will continue on the dev branch. Just make sure you have that selected if you want the latest fixes and features.

Steam Discount:

Maia is available with 15% discount for the full release on Steam, priced at $21.24 USD. With build available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also available on, but not on sale.