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Make Sail developer confirms native support

make sail developmer confirms linux support coming to steam early access games

Make Sail developer confirms Linux support. The games Steam Early Access release does not have a date yet. The announcement comes via Twitter. Thanks to NuSuey over Discord.

Make Sail is about making boats and riding them. It mixes realistic physics with a fantastical setting. Build something beautiful or ridiculous. Then hop from island to island picking up more parts and powers. Unless the wind rips your mast off or a fish eats you. Then you have to rethink your boat.

Make Sail – Wishlist Teaser (Linux, Windows):

So the games considered a love letter to the beauties of the sea. As well as journeys of self-reliance.

Make Sail is a mix of the playful sailing adventures of Wind Waker. Also the immersion of simulators like Sail Away. Plus the ownership and creativity of construction games like Kerbal Space Program.

Make Sail Features:

  • Procedural placement of handcrafted islands, pieces and creatures.
  • Custom water buoyancy system which accounts for weight, shape, drag, lift and drafting.
  • Combined wind and water simulations are realistic enough to perform real world sailing maneuvers such as tacking.
  • Original, 45 minute, dynamically adjusting soundtrack
  • Square sail! Lateen sails! Energy field sails! Propellers! Jets!

Snap together planks, poles, sails, masts and jets. Also things like propellers, balloons, propellers, sparklers and more. Taking care to make sure that it all floats, properly. Which is a great creative idea. Sort of like building your own unique “Black Pearl.”
So then you can cross the sea to find pieces to make your ship bigger. Even faster, stronger, prettier, stranger, wilder and more unique.

Also the the world itself is a procedural arrangement. These include of crafted islands, pieces and creatures. Each replay will present different challenges. And opportunities at different stages of gameplay.

So make boats and sail them. Build, explore, expand, discover. While you sail your ships through changing water and wind.

The games Steam release:

Therefore, Make Sail is coming to Early Access. Since the games set to spend a year in development. Obviously we also have Linux support confirmed.