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Make Sail gets day one release on Early Access

make sail gets day one release on early access in linux mac windows games

Make Sail gets day one Linux release on Early Access. The games also available for Mac and Windows. While Popcannibal begins the one year journey on Steam. Which is interesting for such a release, supporting all three platforms.

For those who do not know, Make Sail is a physics construction adventure. Where players can create sailboats and navigate through advanced water and wind simulations. So it mixes realistic physics with a fantastical setting.
While players build something beautiful or ridiculous. It’s up to you and how you want to sail on to the next island. Searching of more items to customize your craft.

Make Sail is a love letter to the beauties of the sea. And also journeys of self-reliance, in a singleplayer game.

“Most video game boats are sluggish cars that ignore the wind. Our boats are wild horses of your own design, rooted in real physics, crafted to challenge the elements, chariots fit for the sea gods! They also break up and sink a lot. It’s fun.” Ziba Scott, Developer

Make Sail on Early Access (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Procedural placement of handcrafted islands, pieces and creatures.
  • Custom water physics which accounts for weight, shape, drag, lift and drafting.
  • Wind and water so realistic you can execute real world sailing maneuvers like tacking.
  • Original, dynamic soundtrack by Clark Aboud
  • Square sail! Lateen sails! Energy field sails! Propellers! Jets!

Since the world is a procedural arrangement of crafted islands. Including pieces and creatures. Each replay will present different challenges and opportunities at different stages of gameplay. So chances are you will face some weather. While creating some completely ridiculous craft.

While you push the storm back, new islands and new waters become available. So explore and find new pieces for your creations. Also escaping giant creatures and push onwards to escape.

Day One Steam release:

So Make Sail is now on Steam Early Access on March 30th for Linux, Mac and Windows. Launch price is $19.99 USD plus a 10% launch discount.

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