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Making History expansion announced for Kerbal Space Program

making history expansion announced for kerbal space program linux gaming news

During the past few months, #developer #Squad have taken up a #newchallenge for Kerbal Space Program. While considering the next level of gameplay for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Kerbal Space Program as we know is a very mature game, loaded with tons of content and a great modding community. Since Squad have gone on to create all sorts of tools and additions to the game. Now the team is making something new and exciting for players, a whole new experience.

Since building upon that Kerbal experience is crucial, like offering further value to players. So making the attempt to bring exciting new content and build more creativity is a tough call. And with the 1.2.2 release, developer Squad now has the game in their most optimal state. Having already made gaming news around the globe, therefore the team is moving forward is this next step.

Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion has just been announced. This new expansion brings new content to the base game, including a Mission Builder and History Pack.

The Mission Builder puts the process of creating and editing missions in the players hands. Giving everyone the tools to get the sense of being part of a space program’s Mission Design Division. Tailoring customer missions and narratives in a friendly yet intuitive interface. Once created, players can easily share their missions with the greater community (Workshop).

Also, the Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion will include a lot of additional content. Which of course includes the History Pack, pre-made missions to play immediately. This way gameplay allows players to re-live historical missions from humankind’s own space history, in the unique style of Kerbal Space Program. This pack includes new parts and a new astronaut suit for those brave heroes.

One of the best aspects of Kerbal Space Program tradition, Making History Expansion very customizable and moddable.


  • Simple interface: Using an intuitive drag and drop node interface, you can easily create new and exciting new missions for yourself or others to enjoy. Creators can also add constraints such as time, fuel and parts limits; as well as unexpected mission events.
  • Recreating history: Included in Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion is the History Pack. Players will be able to experience the trials and tribulations of the early days of Space Exploration on missions inspired by real life historical events.
  • New parts: Aside from mission creations tools, Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion will have additional parts such as new fuel tanks, adapters, decouplers, fairings and command pods… inspired by both American and Soviet space programs!
  • Kerbal Personal Parachute: Your astronauts will now be safer in case of imminent disasters with all new personal parachutes. So next time Jeb is in trouble and all systems are failing, you can simply eject him and activate his parachute. Then, you just have to hope, there’s an atmosphere to slow him down…
  • Challenge other players: A new addition to Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion will be the concept of scoring. At the end of a mission you will get a numerical score to compare with your friends and the community.

As for right now, Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion is still in development. And do note, this will be a paid expansion release, except for those who bought the game before April 2013. And available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Pricing and details have not been released just yet. So stay tuned.

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