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Making it Home full release is due this September

making it home vehicle building games full release is due this september for linux and windows pc

Making it Home vehicle building games full release is due this September for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Pill Bug Interactive. Available now via Steam Early Access and

Pill Bug Interactive is eager to announce details about their cute vehicle building game, Making it Home. Which is due to leave early access this September. To celebrate the full release news they also have a new trailer.

Making it Home Gameplay Explained Trailer

In Making it Home you’re a ladybug with family issues building a vehicle to get home. Put your engineering and creative skills to the test while you combine simple elements into a complex gadgets. Jump around your vehicle to keep it moving. While you defend it from an onslaught of cherry bombs, flying drones, and carrots.

Making it Home has been available in early access for the last year. Since entering early access lots have been added to the game. Such as local co-op and steam workshop support. Pill Bug Interactive is looking forward to releasing the version 1.0 patch this September. The full release will conclude the game’s story. And as a result, add the long awaited final boss battle!


  • Design and engineer your vehicle. What you build, and where, matters. Discover new components and your favorite combinations along the way.
  • Bounce around a vehicle of your design in Making it Home. Will you collect every coin? Will your catapult get you to the bellows? Or will you master the propeller?
  • Pick your route across the USA, getting to know quirky animal friends (and foes) along the way. Explore the interactive story while the classic country sound track keeps you in the mood for a road trip.
  • Rethink all your vehicle designs and play the entire campaign co-op with a friend. Doing so locally or on-line with Steam Remote Play Together.

Making it Home vehicle building games full release is coming in September. The actual launch date is still TBD. But the games price is due to stay the same. Now discounted 15% until July 8th, priced at $12.74 USD. Available on Steam Early Access and (including Steam code). While continuing to offer support for Linux and Windows PC.

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