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Malmyr story driven building game releases

malmyr story driven building game releases with day one support in linux gaming with windows pc

Malmyr story driven building game releases with day one support in Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer ziegler gamedev. Which is now available on Steam with a discount.

Malmyr is a story-driven building game about production chains and automation. The gameplay is heavily inspired by games like Settlers, Anno and Factorio. But in comparison, you don’t have to build a huge city or factory. The goal is to take a puzzle and logic oriented approach while solving the missions at hand. It looks easy on a quick glance but gets very complex and harder with every mission. As a result, a big part of Malmyr is the constant, rather slow pace. Along with a very fitting sound design.

The feature standing out is the unique logistics of Malmyr. To be able to construct buildings (and for production chains), you need to transport resources to the respective buildings by road. So instead of “just” connecting two buildings. The direction of the resource flow on that road needs to be set. Not to mention being constantly adapted manually. So you have to learn how to handle the complexity coming from that.

Malmyr Extended Teaser

The story takes place after being sent to the forgotten lands of Malmyr. Due to a request by your King and his Court Magician. With an advisor by your side, it is your task to explore Malmyr. So you can mine its ores, process them and fill your King’s treasury. While you find ancient ruins and magical runes. All available thanks to the previous occupants of Malmyr: The dwarves. With each mission, you will learn more about the dwarves. As well as the dark secret behind their vanishing.

In each mission you receive there is a story context by written dialogues between the NPC’s. Since each mission has multiple sub-goals to fulfill. These will be different in each Malmyr mission. The maps of these missions also have different rules. An example would be a crucial missing resource that needs to be sourced in another way. Such as from a certain special delivery building. Or maybe by transmuting other resources. But there are also physical hazards in some missions. Due to things like a lava wave you have to “outrun”. Maybe even fires that start via lightning strikes.


  • Main campaign with a continuous story, consisting of 3 acts with 4 unique missions each.
  • A freeplay mode, where you progress through an increasingly difficult mission. Likewise, this will unlock new buildings by finishing mission steps. In the end you will unlock a building unique to this mode. And also face a final task.
  • A Malmyr sandbox mode, where you have most buildings available and start with copious amounts of resources.
  • Over 50 buildings.
  • Over 50 resources.
  • 12 Magical Runes and 3 special Runewords.

Malmyr story driven building game releases with a 15% discount on Steam. This certainly saves a bit off the $14.99 USD / EUR €12.49 / GBP £11.39 price. With support in Linux gaming and Windows PC.

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