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Man of Honor top down shooter native release

man of honor top down shooter linux release now on steam

Man of Honor is a top down shooter that now has a release for Linux. Since the games December 2017 debut, with support for Mac and Windows. Man of Honor is a Unity 3D game that finally gets a Linux release on Steam.

So gameplay appeals to players who relish challenging gameplay. Which focuses around a narrative drama evolving the character’s personality and mindset.
Gallo’s only as strong as he feels. So he gets his power from taunting other gangsters. Also drinking Rusty Bay Beer and shooting his foes.

Since Gallo thinks his life is a blockbuster movie. Seeing his dreams reflected in fantastic headlines. Which only exist only in his mind. But what’s real? Is he a hero or a monster?
So, only one thing is for sure. He’s part of our celebrity-obsessed culture. Where each person longs for his 15 minutes of fame.

Man of Honor Teaser Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Man of Honor Features:

  • Prowl the nighttime streets of Ferrousburgh. A decaying, mob-infested, rust-belt city, to seek out old enemies for revenge. So steal drugs, cash, and other valuables from the mafia. While killing crime lords who betrayed you.
  • You’re only as strong as you feel. Keep your pride up by killing gangsters quickly and efficiently to drive up your score multiplier and make your bullets bigger and more powerful.
  • Craft your ultimate revenge. Acquire diverse weapons and new suits to feed your narcissistic personality and change the way you play the game.
  • Take your cover with you. Grab a corpse to shield yourself from a hail of enemy gunfire. The stronger your foe was in life, the better he can protect you in death.
  • Taunt your enemies to slow down time around you. The more gangsters on screen the longer the taunt’s effects will last.
  • Watch out for the law. Once the first gunshot is fired on a level, the corrupt cops of Ferrousburgh will be alerted and they’ll arrive on the scene to help their gangster buddies once the police response timer hits zero.

Top down shooter Release:

Man of Honor is available now on Linux via Steam, priced at $9.99 USD.

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