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Man the Guns launches for Hearts of Iron IV

man the guns launches for hearts of iron iv in linux mac windows games

Man the Guns DLC launches for Hearts of Iron IV in Linux, Mac, Windows games. The new content comes from developer Paradox Development Studio. Which also happens to have 89% Very Positive reviews on Steam. Available now on both, Humble Store and Paradox Store.

Victories in Western Europe and East Asia. All won through the crucial use of modern naval power. The Atlantic convoys kept Britain supplied. At least until amazing force can be applied to Fortress Europe. While American shipyards produce capital ships. All coming preparing for the Pacific War at an unusual pace.
So are you a sharp enough admiral? Working to master the skill of naval war? Will you repeat or rewrite history?

Man the Guns is the newest naval themed expansion. Which now launches for Hearts of Iron IV. The popular World War II strategy wargame from Paradox Development Studio. Man the Guns also comes with a host of improvements. The naval game includes a new ship design mode. So you can refit older designs. Optimise fuel and critical convoy routes.

Man the Guns also improves play for major justice. Such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Also the Netherlands as well. With all new history paths and the games change of the American Congress.

Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns – Release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Features include:

  • New Alternate American History: Use the American Congress to push for reform. At the risk of putting the nation into another civil war.
  • New Alternate British History: Push for early decolonization of the British Empire. Or restore the older benefit of the throne.
  • Ship Design: Research new gear and refit older ships. Also taking advantage of new knowledge in Man the Guns. Outfit your submarines with snorkels. While you work to improve stealth.
  • Admiral Traits and Skills – Tailor and level up your Admirals. With new traits and skills.
  • Governments Excluded: Welcome a government in excluded to your justice. While boosting their validity in return for more manpower. Also special troops fighting to free their homeland.
  • Other National Focuses: New national focuses for The Netherlands and Mexico.
  • Naval Mines: Protect your coasts from invasion or assault. While issuing anti-ship mines in Man the Guns. Or clear a path through enemy mines before you make the big push.
  • Shipping route controls – plan new routes for your shipping and navies. While marking areas you want to avoid.
  • Naval Treaties: Struggle to keep the peace by following universal agreed upon rules. Or go against the world accord. So you can go over your limits.
  • Amphibious Landing Vehicles: Add power to your beach landing. Research and produce special combat vehicles for your marines.
  • New Music: Original music created for the Man the Guns expansion.

So test your skill in Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns. The new DLC content launches on Steam, Humble Store and Paradox Store. Priced at a reasonable $19.99 USD. All available on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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