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Mana Spark releases with launch week discount

mana spark releases with launch week discount on linux mac windows

Mana Spark challenging action RPG is releases on Linux, Mac and Windows. This also includes a launch week discount on both Steam and Humble Store. A more cost effective way to get into the fight. Check out the deal on Steam and Humble Store.

Besides being and RPG, Mana Spark comes with a deep souls-like combat. So you will be facing a solid challenges throughout the game. Which also comes with rogue-like elements. Then explore a dreadful dungeon and fight smart enemies. Since they will plan and collaborate between themselves to defeat you.

Mana Spark RPG Gameplay Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • COMPLETELY SKILL-BASED COMBAT: Each enemy has its own set of skills, behaviors and collaborations. Learn their patterns and discover their weakness before they lay their hands on you.
  • EXCITING PROGRESSION: Be responsible for rebuilding and maintaining your guild’s village. Meet new characters, choose your traps, your weapons and keep track of your discoveries and unlocked content.
  • HANDCRAFTED & PROCEDURAL GENERATION: Designed to make each new run a completely new experience. Each room is handcrafted to get the most out of the combat, but you’ll never explore the same dungeon twice.

Since Mana Spark is the chosen project for the BEHEMUTT debut. The games design will feature the highlights of the team. So details like like the advanced AI, the fluid animations, and the design focus on player’s skill.

So gameplay will keep players on point. Challenging those who venture into the RPG. So keep moving, know your attacks and try now to back yourself into a corner.

Available releases and discount:

Mana Spark action RPG is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Priced at $9.99 USD, but with the 15% launch week discount, $8.49 USD releases on both Steam and Humble Store. Are you ready for that next level challenge?

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