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Mandate of Heaven DLC launches native build

mandate of heaven dlc launches linux and mac build of the total war: three kingdoms game

Mandate of Heaven DLC release for the Total War: THREE KINGDOMS game on Linux and Mac now. Thanks to Feral Interactive helping CREATIVE ASSEMBLY take the game further. Available on Humble Store, Steam and Feral Store.

Mandate of Heaven is the largest and most detailed Total War: THREE KINGDOMS DLC to date. Which is finally available for Linux and Mac. Which is over a month since the Windows PC release. But it’s here and thanks to Feral Interactive.

Mandate of Heaven is a massive chapter Pack. Since this focuses on the hectic events prior to main games campaign. Since discontent surrounds Emperor Liang. While he works to deal with an administrative power struggle. As well as the ravaging Yellow Turban tribes who threaten his dynasty.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Mandate of Heaven Trailer

With eleven playable new and existing factions and nine unique characters. There also over forty units. This includes a range of siege machinery and battlefield deployables. Since Mandate of Heaven allows THREE KINGDOMS players to wage war on a massive scale. In a Total War first, Mandate of Heaven also features an evolving campaign. Which also grants the ability to play through the prequel campaign. While working directly into the base game setting. Meaning players can forge an empire across two momentous periods in Chinese history.


  • Players will begin a campaign in 182CE. Just before the Yellow Turban rebellion. Then play through the conflict deep into the Three Kingdoms period.
  • New characters and six new playable warlords including the Zhang brothers and Emperor Ling.
  • Unique new campaign mechanics. Events and objectives for Mandate of Heaven.
  • 40 new battlefield units and new unit abilities .
  • Playable origin stories of legendary characters such as Cao Cao and Liu Bei.

Players will engage in the conflicts of the Yellow Turban Rebellion and Qiang uprising. With a host of new warlords. Including the Zhang brothers and Emperor Liu Hong.

The Mandate of Heaven DLC is available on Humble Store, Steam and Feral Store. Priced at $9.99 USD / £7.99 / €9,99. Now with a native Linux and Mac build.

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