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Mango Cart is trading fruit now on Steam

mango cart is trading fruit now on steam games for linux mac windows

Mango Cart brings fruit trading games now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to AkriGames’ the games a unique title. Since is about trading. Now available on on Steam.

It’s a tough world out there. Mango Cart is all about starting a trading company. You’ve gotta deal with the bank and political interests. Also labour issues and even global economic downturns.
While not to mention balance. Between social and environmental protection. Both with profit and growth. Since it means assessing and reassessing your market position each month. Gotta keep you on your toes, right?

Also and most importantly. Avoid the various game ending scenarios. So in order to save your company, and self, from ruin. You need to keep this company going. Since jobs are at stake. While developing your own strategy.

Mango Cart talks about the journey of a humble piece of fruit around the world,” explains developer Mauro Merati. “A journey that reveals the complexity of the economic relationships in the global community. Production, transformation, marketing. Also different chapters that link people across the oceans.

While this game gives players a chance to get into trading fruit. The chance to also position themselves in this context according to their beliefs. In the end, the mango is just a symbol.”

Mango Cart – Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Manage your company, staff, and reputation.
  • Buy and sell mangoes and mango products.
  • Compete and interact with other mango producers.
  • Bank account, loans, and IPOs… oh my! Welcome to Mango Cart
  • Cozy up to politicians to benefit your international trade deals.
  • Deal with surprise events like labour strikes, bad PR, and criminal trials.

While this is another game for Linux. There are some “quirks” with the gameplay. Since there is a keyboard input error. Where typing in your company name, characters will double.
Also, don’t be alarmed if you do not hear in-game music. This is just the game design.

mango cart keyboard input error in linux

This is has been mentioned to developer AkriGames. Since this is not a “show stopper”. Also “a known bug of Linux builds from Unity.” Hopefully a fix is around the corner.

Mango Cart is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Also priced at $8.99 USD. Plus there is a 10% discount until April 1st. Since the games does now have a tutorial. Check out the manual for details on how to play.

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