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Manual Samuel is Free on Humble Store

manual samuel game is free on humble store for linux mac windows pc

Manual Samuel is Free game on Humble Store with support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the Humble Team once again. You can get yourself a copy of the game completely Free. But this offer is only available for a limited time. As well as redeeming the code on Steam.

The Humble Team is giving away a FREE copy of Manual Samuel. This is also only a 72 hour in the Humble Store. Since the promotion is already available, ending on Sunday, April 19 at 10 a.m. Pacific time. Which you means you have to grab your copy while supplies last.

Samuel is just an ordinary guy. He has a job, a girlfriend, his health. So he has nothing at all to complain about. Until that is, he is knocked over and killed. At which point things become a little more complicated.

You see, far from that being the end of the story. It’s literally the beginning of Manual Samuel. As Linux, Mac and Windows PC owners will now find out. Thanks to Perfectly ParaNormal’s brilliant new dexterity based adventure game.

Manual Samuel Release Trailer

Following a meeting with Death Himself. Sam has a new deal: live for 24 hours manually. Or have his soul suffer in hell for all eternity. How could he possibly refuse?

Manual Samuel is the story of those 24 hours. Since players assume control of the titular hero. While he attempts to navigate his normal life performing everything manually. Breathe in, breath out, move left leg, right leg, blink, work, and kiss. All of Sam’s bodily functions are now under your control.

It’s a brilliant premise, created with love. Plus a flair and a gleeful sense of humour. Which combines scripting for different events. Along with emergent gameplay to create an adventure unlike any other. The tasks Sam must perform to get through his day may be mundane. But operating everything manually takes real skill. And the situations players will find themselves in will differ hugely.

Manual Samuel is now yours if you want it. Humble is giving away a FREE copy to you. Which is available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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