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Marble It Up! rolling platformer hits Linux

marble it up! rolling platformer game launches a linux build steam deck in the beta branch with mac and windows pc

Marble It Up! rolling platformer game launches a Linux build in the Beta Branch with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Ethan Lee, developers Blueteak, The Engine Company, Shapes and Lines, and Arcturus Interactive. Available now via Steam.

Marble It Up! is the next-generation marble roller game. Also a spiritual successor to the Marble Madness and Marble Blast series. This high-speed platformer harnesses the pure thrill and joy of marble racing action. Which is now available on Linux and Steam Deck, thanks to a statement from Ethan Lee.

The native version is now available in the MIU Ultra beta branch; be sure to force SteamLinuxRuntime if running on a Deck!

Marble It Up! development is using Unity 3D. So simply select Beta from the Beta Branch and download the Linux build. That’s all it takes. Also note, controller support integrates nicely.

Marble It Up! is the joyful, bouncing marble game you’ve been waiting for. Jump, boost, and roll through 50 awesome levels of kinetic platforming puzzles. Doing so with custom-built marble physics, and racing the clock past moving platforms. There is also icy terrain, gravity-bending surfaces, and more. Grab power-ups to launch into the air, slow time, and glide to the finish line. Doing so within mind-bending psychedelic worlds. Due to discover secret collectibles and unlocking stunning new marbles.

Marble It Up! – Steam Launch Trailer

Watch and compete against the ghosts of your own best times. Plus those of friends and the world’s top players on the online leaderboards. Due to Marble It Up!’s dynamic replay system. Your wits and reflexes will be tested in a rewarding experience running nicely on Linux in vibrant 60 fps color.

Marble It Up! arrives on Steam with a robust level editor. So players can create, share and play their own incredible marble maps with the world through Steam Workshop. Standout creations may even be featured in the game’s best of the best curated community map chapter.

Marble It Up! is the work of several indie studios. Which is spearheaded by Bad Habit Productions and developed by The Engine Company, Alvios, Arcturus Interactive, and Shapes and Lines. The team unites talent and experience from titles like Starsiege: Tribes, Tribes II, Marble Blast Gold, and Marble Blast Ultra. Not to mention the Torque Game Engine, Social City, QuiVr, Disney City Girl, and more.

Marble It Up! rolling platformer game is available on Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD / £15.49 / 16,79€. While offering support for Linux and Steam Deck beside Mac and Windows PC.